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Ahhhhh those termites are at it again……







Sometimes termites just pop up in the weirdest places, this is an apartment and I believe that the issue is the firewall – stemwall with a floating slab. I always suggest that if you find a crack in the concrete and your going to put down tile or wood, have a termite company drill it first then put the tile down.

Tricky termite treatments


Tricky termite treatments


Pavers, flagstone and tile always make a termite treatment more difficult. Sometimes it almost impossible, these pavers are in fact put in place with cement or sand.  It is possible to drill but it also is worrisome because you might crack the paver. It is essential to the treatment to get the termiticide to the area where the termites may try to get into the home.

I also run across built in cabinets and they pose another obstacle to getting the termiticide to that expansion joint. What other issues do you think we run across on our daily termite treatments and do you have any unusual obstructions at your home or business?

Termites can pop up in the weirdest places.

Termites can pop up in the weirdest places.



With termites you never know where they will show up, I have seen them in bathrooms and garages. Really almost anywhere in the home, they are not real peculiar in where they show up.

Any crack or intrusion within that concrete slab allows them access. Given that crack – they will find it.

Technology continues to advance with new and unique termiticides, Termidor, Transport and Altriset.

“Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest!”

Transport Termiticide

Transport Termiticide and how does it work, really. Taking termite control to the next level.

With its unique non-repellent formulation, Transport® termiticide by FMC quickly controls termite infestations that are causing costly structural and cosmetic damage to your customers’ homes while also providing long term protection from future termite invasions.

Transport termiticide is extremely effective at controlling all three genera of termites, including Reticulitermes, Heterotermes and Coptotermes. With its improved speed of knockdown, lasting residual and good resistance management properties, Transport has shown incredible performance even in seriously infested structures. Efficacy data shows that in 94% of treatments, Transport termiticide stopped termite activity within 30 days of treatment.

An application with Transport (label) (msds)actually creates two active treatment zones within the soil. The outer zone provides quick results against termites active inside and outside of the structure, while the inner zone provides a long-lasting barrier of protection to prevent future invasions.

I mentioned yesterday that the only issue I had with Termidor was that it might allow termites an opportunity to rebuild a tube or tunnel and create a callback – this product effectively eliminates that worry.

The artistic termite!

The artistic termite!


Most people probably would think that termites are just destructive and be done with it. Not so, says Dr. Bug and Jerry Schappert from sent this picture that illustrates this point. I wrote a home seal some time ago called “Termite castles and their artwork” that shows that termites can be quite the decorators.

Not all things are bad, so when your hiking in the desert look around and take in nature. Everything has its place, even the termites…

United States Green Building Council (USGBC) updates LEEDS Standards

 United States Green Building Council (USGBC) updates LEEDS Standards

LEED is now in the process of developing it’s 2012 revisions to the standards and will publish their 3rd draft revision shortly

LEED has also accepted in their latest draft a provision for companies who have earned the GreenPro designation, allowing them to automatically qualify for LEED points as long as a GreenPro service is provided. 

ProBest Pest Management Earns EPA’s PESP Gold Level Designation

Altriset is a new reduced-risk non-repellent termiticide that provides excellent control of subterranean termites with minimal impact on the environment.

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