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ProBest Pest Management wins a spot in “Top 50 Bug”

bug-award-150x150You know even when you consider that there are probably 15,000 pest companies in the USA, I consider just a mention quite the big event. So to be named right up there with this group is a very high honor. The first 10 are home seals are from Entomologists and if you have a chance check them out, I probably get to each one on a monthly basis. his pictures alone are fascinating and well worth a closer look. The rest of the 40 are from the Pest Control Industry and provide a wealth of great real facts versus what you might find on a search of the web. Some of my buddies are on the list “The Bug Doctor” from Florida and of course Invader Pest Management¬† – I’ve known Fred since I moved to Arizona in 1999.

Thanks to Organic Pest Control from NYC for giving ProBest Pest Management this award.

There are some real sicko’s in the world! Who can you trust?

There are some real sicko’s in the world! Who can you trust?


This happened in Tampa, Florida but I really had the thought that these guys were pretty much scum. Men target elderly women in robbery scam

Two men, posing as landscapers, walked into her St. Pete backyard and said they saw spiders, but that’s the scam, there are no spiders, and they started spraying what they say is acid-based bug spray.¬†It’s really water.

Beucher&SonI know allot of people in Florida and I can definitely recommend some great folks like Beucher & Son Pest Control 727-388-6759 they are in Tampa and are top notch and in Deltona, Fl Jack’s Pest Control 386-337-1094 or in Ocala, Fl 352-237-0122 “The Bug Doctor”. Just a few I trust and know personally, I just recommended a former Scout of mine to Jack and David said ” I met Jack today, very personable as u mentioned. He spoke highly of you. Thanks for the recommendation.”

ProBest Pest Management BBB rated A+ and Crimshield Certified

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