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Home-seal 10 tips

Home-seal Top 10 Tips video

Home-seal is the best method to keep out the bugs, nothing works better. It seems that almost anything you do and the scorpions still get inside.  But I consider it whatever you can do to reduce the numbers. Sealing is  #1, then pest control to reduce population of feeder bugs.  Black-lighting to reduce population on your property. Then finally patching any holes, including weatherstripping on doors and windows. Often times we unknowingly do things that help the pests, planting trees and bushes to close to the home, over watering to close to the foundation and not repairing or replacing screens. Home repairs and upkeep is important to keeping the bugs out.

Home-Seal Storm Shield

Home-Seal Storm Shield


New feature – Tips & Info Dr. Bug

New feature!

Introducing a new feature of ProBest Pest Management which started in 1981 and in 2005 changed ownership, we had the opportunity to partner with the US Post Office to become a Contract Postal Unit which helps us to interact with about 100 people a day who may never have know us. As we interacted we also noticed children, often times not happy with shopping with Mom or Dad. We then came up with the idea of showing a few bugs and reptiles – we currently exhibit 2 snakes, 1 tarantula and 1 Bearded dragon. The kids just LOVE the exhibits and this is how Dr. Bug was created. Dr. Bug shares the features of the Pest and Termite world by exploring the things people may not know about bugs that invade their homes. Dr. Bug also shares his experience to help families and business owner protect themselves from the dangers of pests. You may also send a picture or ask for advice on pesticides or bugs in general from Dr. Bug at and as always please bee careful out there.

Feature Dr Bug

Feature Dr Bug

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Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days, when you think the world may be against you?

Yes all of us probably run into this weekly, maybe daily. We can handle it primarily because of faith, faith maybe in a few different things like 1. Faith in God 2. Faith that it just happens 3. Faith that it probably can’t get much worse, but anyway you get my drift here. I don’t want to go on about the economy or the government, or preach about the existence of God but you know stuff just happens.

So here are a few tips to stop that stuff from happening – especially the bug or bird kind of stuff.

  • More cases of Bed Bugs are happening right now because we are traveling for the summer, so take precautions.
  • Get a termite inspection yearly, it can’t hurt – it’s not like a colonoscopy (I just had to throw that in) it’s nothing like that….
  • Don’t put firewood against your home, don’t allow rocks to be higher than the stucco.
  • Clean up those oranges and grapefruits that fall on the ground, better yet give them to the food bank.
  • Clutter in and around your home can lead to pest infestations.
  • Don’t let tree limbs touch the house.

When in doubt seek out a trained professional for advice – the National Pest Management Association has a great website for consumers.

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