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Palo Verde Bugs and you

Palo Verde Bugs

Palo Verde Bugs and I just had to post this short little video, this is a relatively BIG bug and they fly. I’m always a bit concerned at this time of monsoon time of year. Since they fly and could hit a motorcyclist and we have enough issues with people not seeing motorcycles.

They feed on the roots of trees especially Palo Verde trees. They then pupate into a beetle that can grow to about 4 inches and they have spines oh and they can bite (see my blood). That makes them one of the largest beetles in North America and can you imagine getting hit in the head with one of these. Ouuuuuch! Did I mention that cats love to play with these little monsters?


palo verde bugs

It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona? Tortilla Flat, AZ

Tortilla Flat, AZ




Tortillo Flat is a unique experience and a must see on your tour of Arizona. Sit at the bar inside the restaurant, the bar seats are actually saddles.

Tortilla Flat is an authentic remnant of an old west town, nestled in the midst of the Tonto National Forest, in the Superstition Mountain Range. Tortilla Flat started out as a stagecoach stop in 1904 and neither fire nor flood has been able to take away this historic stop along the Historic Apache Trail. I came out to Arizona with my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle way back in 1966 or so and will never forget the Apache Trail, who knew many years later I would live here.

If your lucky enough to witness a little rain, check out the flow just down the road and remember we have a “Stupid Motorist Law” here in Arizona. Animals are abundant and can be seen if you look hard enough, lizards, birds and insects – just be careful. Oh and by the way the Superstition Mountains are where all that gold is, so if you find any – I get half. Good Luck.

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