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What’s sleeping in your bed?

What’s sleeping in your bed?

The more I watch TV the more it scares me, I hate those commercials that say “How old is your bed, if your bed is over 8 years it has 10 pounds of stuff in it”, just what I don’t want to hear. It’s bad enough thinking about dust mites or worse yet Bed Bugs but you spend a great deal of time in that bed.

When the Great Bed Bug scare came I decided we needed to invest in some mattress and box spring en-casements and let me tell you I can now sleep without the thought of those critters jumping around more than counting sheep. There are a few side benefits about these en-casements, here they are:

  • They keep things in and things out, now remember Bed Bugs just don’t live on beds.
  • They keep out urine, sweat and anything else you might spill on them. Accidents happen like babies sprouting a geyser or the accidental dog or cat issue.
  • Allergens especially within the bed can be kept to a minimal amount.
  • These en-casements are not like years of past, they are crinkly and make noise. They aren’t as hot either.

So think about an en-casement as a way to protect and maybe extend the life of that mattress and box spring.


One problem can lead to another, sometimes more frightening..

One problem can lead to another, sometimes more frightening..

I really get concerned when I see pigeons, birds nesting on someone’s roof and I get worried when it happens to be rodents in someone’s attic. Remember this home seal from a few years ago “Pigeons and their Mess!” and “It’s not always what you think! Ceiling stain.”

Here is a story and video from Albuquerque about a very similar problem – secondary infestation from bird mites and carpet beetles. “Pigeon problem leads to bug infestation at Albuquerque apartment” by Chris Ramirez KOB Eyewitness News 4.

“Sale” Used Mattresses

Used Mattresses “Sale”

Sale OK so I did a search on Craigslist for used mattresses and I found some, yuck! Bed Bugs and God knows what else!

All I have to say is “Don’t Do It!

Money may be tight but sleeping is an important aspect of getting the proper rest you need. This also goes for used furniture of any kind, make sure it is bug free. You just don’t need the problems. The other option is to purchase encasements such as CleanBrands – don’t buy the cheaper versions, as they will tear and then you have nothing. Duct tapes just comes loose and they can hide in the rollback of the tape. If you travel, take care and on the return trip discard everything into the garage and then wash and heat on high. You can also put the luggage out in the Arizona sun especially in the summer. 

Sale Used Mattresses

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