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Black Widow webs







Spiders have always creeped me out and the Black Widow is the ultimate of the creepy ones. Just the way they hang out in their web, hanging upside down and the stickiness of the web is weird. I know spiders eat a lot of bugs (competition) but they in general just look menacing.

A few facts:

  1. More common in the South and Southwest but can be found almost anyplace.
  2. Venom attacks nervous system, dangerous bite but rarely fatal.
  3. Usually outside at night.

Sometimes it takes an extreme effort in Pest Management…

Sometimes it takes an extreme effort in Pest Management…



These little spiders just love to cause me sleepiness nights. We have battled these spiders for a few years and although the battle is not over they continue to be a scourge on this home. I have investigated and used different pesticides over the years and actually have found that a wettable powder formulation has worked the best. Its a block wall home and the wettable powder sets on top and prevents them for a few months and then they make their way back. This home is located on a waterfront lake and the spiders just hang out waiting for food to fly right on there webs.

I haven’t given up but it is fair to say that this is an ongoing pest control if I ever have seen one. (Thanks to George for taking these pictures)

Specialized foaming treatment home sealing

Update and official notice of my Specialized foaming treatment and home sealing…

This is just a reminder of my Specialized foaming treatment and home sealing:

  1. I started home sealing in 2009, I  use specialized foaming treatments and home sealing and telling my stories of the critters I may have come in contact with and because I enjoy it and want to pass along my knowledge of pests.
  2. Many people are good at what they do, I don’t change my own brakes because I don’t know anything about car repair – but I know bugs and I’m very good at it.
  3. This home seal is intended for my customers and anyone else interested in professional pest management.
  4. I tend to pass along information as it occurs in the real world, when someone uses to many bug bombs, or uses a blowtorch to get rid of webs, or the spread of various diseases within a vector like mosquitoes or fleas takes place – such as like Hanta Virus, West Nile Virus etc.
  5. Your home shifts and moves throughout the day, home sealing helps to cover those cracks and crevices that development over time. This also helps save air conditioning or heating costs. The jtrim under the stucco moves as well, foundation and jtrim move away from each other and that allows scorpions access into your home or business.
  6. Have you ever looked in your attic, how much insulation is in there? Are there dropping or open louver doors or windows, there should be a screen in place. Just adding some new insulation may help heating and cooling costs, and advise you of any potential pests issues like birds, bats or critters.
  7. I consider myself a Public Health Pest Management Professional and here to assist you in keeping your family safe from the bugs and pests.
Specialized foaming treatment

Specialized foaming treatment

It gets weirder and weirder, that’s all I can say!

Its get weirder and weirder, that’s all I can say!


Man sets house ablaze while killing spiders with blowtorchIt continues to surprise me and by now you would think it wouldn’t faze me but come on folks. What was he thinking?

I guess I was thinking it just seems to be the Bed Bug hysteria but I was wrong, wouldn’t a broom been just as easy? This also cuts across almost every state in the U.S. Please think before you do anything like this, it may seem fun but in this case = no home!

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