Pest Control Pricing

Pest Control Pricing

Every pest control company has a different pest control pricing and I like this. This gives you the customer an option to choose what works for you. I never did understand the difference in charging more for Every Other Month (EOM) versus Quarterly (QTR). So does anyone do more or do they hope the pesticide last longer? Some companies charge a lower price monthly but only service Every Other Month. You’re still only getting 6 services, and technically you are paying the EOM price.

So I had that epiphany, only charge the monthly price on everything we do (less than 2000 square feet) so here’s how it works

1-time service $45

Monthly service $45

EOM service $45

QTR service $45

disclaimer – less that 2000 square feet and not including German roaches, honeybees, bedbugs or termites. So if you’re paying $76 for EOM call ProBest, if you’re paying $105 and anything higher than $45 call ProBest.

ProBest is almost 40 years old 1981  to present, AAA+ rating BBB, member of Arizona & Nation Pest Management Association, QualityPro Public Health, Schools and GREEN, 2 staff members Associate Certified Entomologist from Entomological Society of America. All employees are CrimShield certified, background checked yearly. Licensed by the Arizona Department of Agriculture Office of Pest Management


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