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Pigeons and birds in general can create havoc just with their feces. Pigeons are generational, if they are born on your house they will stay until removed or excluded. The other item we should mention is that if you fix one problem, they may move to another area. Sometimes its difficult to consider what they may do. We sometimes gives quotes based on different scenarios. We may exclude a certain area and they may move to the other side of home. Bird services and pricing does play a factor in treatment strategies, for example we exclude one  area and the owner doesn’t want to do the entire house. You must exclude, killing them will only make others move to your place. There are numerous corrective options available, call us for details 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

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The problem doesn’t stop with Pigeons, birds including woodpeckers can tear up a house. Some homes have a exterior Styrofoam or foam type which they will demolish. There will be holes everywhere and the only way to repair this is by combining a paint additive into holes and paint surface. Our woodpeckers are protected in Arizona and fall under the Federal Migratory Bird Act. We have even completed a Barn Owl extraction and transported eggs to Liberty Wildlife and this required a Federal Permit. No job to small or big


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