• Lizards


    Lizards These lizards are can often be found at South Mountain doing pushups on the boulders and the lizard in the picture is a Chuckwalla. They range in size up to 16 inches, and […]

  • Spiders


    Spiders Wolf spiders are one of the fastest spiders, at least from my point of view. These arachnids have excellent eyesight and hunt down their prey. They don’t build webs and hunt alone. I […]

  • Dryer Vent lint

    Dryer Vent lint    Dryer vent lint causes up to 15,000 house fires each year, not as much as termites at 5 billion but it all adds up in damage. I know its one […]

  • PackRats


    PackRats Well look who was surprised to see me? Yes Mr. PackRats or is it Roof rat? Boy have we been busy in North Phoenix with rats? I really think its the new Arcadia […]

  • Rodent Guards

    Rodent Guards

    Rodent Guards Rodent Guards are installed on the very flimsy plastic trim around the garage doorway. Often times this breaks or the rodent chews its way into the corner of the garage. This metal […]

  • Down tube

    Down tube

    Down tube Termites in AZ are generally shy and often will move along if disturbed. That being said I don’t think they move to far and will often attack the same home. I have […]