• Rodent entrys

    Rodent entrys

    Rodent entrys and WHY should you be concerned? Mice and or rodents can cause significant problems in many ways and we will discuss them all. Allergens – caused by feces and urine, mice constantly […]

  • 50% Off

    50% Off

    50% Off   Have you seen those offers for 50% Off, just what are you getting? You don’t know where they started and what they really want except your business? How about a plain […]

  • Mice Control

    Mice Control

    Mice Control No matter what you do they will sneak in and gain access into your place. It can be the dreaded rat or mouse, and once in they are tough to chase out. […]

  • Best Exterminator

    Best Exterminator

    Best Exterminator There are bunches of Pest Control operators throughout Arizona, and constantly they are vying for the title of Best. What determines the Best? We were included in a few of those local […]

  • Pest Control Pricing

    Pest Control Pricing

    Pest Control Pricing Every pest control company has a different pest control pricing and I like this. This gives you the customer an option to choose what works for you. I never did understand […]

  • Bat Rescue

    Bat Rescue

    Bat Rescue at a DayCare, this Big Brown bat couldn’t make it home. She decided to take a rest in a corner of the playground and we couldn’t let her stay there. The children […]