• Termite Pressure

    Termite Pressure

    Termite Pressure   Termite pressure around the Valley is a speculative issue, some areas are of course worse than others. This map was done by FMC some 20 years ago and I wonder how […]

  • Drains & Restaurants

    Drains & Restaurants

    Drains & Restaurants Do you ever check bathrooms before you eat at a restaurant, I check drains and restaurants for a living? I won’t eat until I check the bathroom, if its clean then […]

  • Termite or???

    Termite or???

    Termite or??? Lookalikes similar to termites or earwigs in appearance – are they Termite or??? Nope they are web-spinners, small eyes, thread-like antenna and longish bodies. You often find them under rocks and stones […]

  • Blister Beetle

    Blister Beetle

    Blister Beetle Danger Will Robinson Danger, Blister Beetle attack. Most of you know that warning message from the robot to the young Will. This beetle coloring similar to the Poison Dart frogs is that […]

  • Snakes Good or Bad

    Snakes Good or Bad

    Snakes Good or Bad   Yes even the old man can wrestle up a snakes good or bad. OK we know its a Gopher snake and it is non-venomous. The point should be made […]

  • Honeybee Danger

    Honeybee Danger

    Honeybee Danger As I have mentioned in previous blogs, it is very important to check your home inside and outside monthly. If you have our service, we meet you at the front door with […]