• Termites tunneling

    Termites tunneling

    Termites tunneling in the soil around your home is inevitable. Stopping them before they get into your home must be absolute.  Termiticides have come a long way since the 1950’s  – some good and […]

  • GREEN organic pest management

    GREEN organic pest management

    GREEN organic pest management What’s all the talk and what does it really mean in green organic pest management? There are lots of pest companies that taut that their products are Green or Organic […]

  • Alleyways


    Alleyways Alleyways, side streets all pose a risk of trash buildup, which allows all kinds of scavengers a chance to feed. Birds, opossums, raccoons, rodents and feral animals will somehow always find a way […]

  • Garage Trim

    Garage Trim

    Garage Trim The garage trim is an important feature in your home, its supposed to keep out stuff. Mice, bugs etc come around a corner and quite possibly find an easy way in. We […]

  • Squirrels


    Squirrels Sometimes squirrels, wildlife, animals and critters can just be to much. They can encroach on your home because of construction in the area or because they were chased out of somewhere else. Sometimes […]

  • Wasps


    Wasps Did you know they are almost all female, the original wasp builds the first paper nests and starts laying eggs. The initial generations then start helping Mom, they tend to all the duties […]