If you’re going to (DIY) Do It Yourself, do it right…


Don’t use chicken wire, spend the time and do it right with hardware cloth. Or better yet give ProBest Pest Management a call and have us do the the job correctly. The nice thing about hardware cloth is that it can be bent into angles which looks 100% better than chicken wire.  Also I suggest the metal bird spikes, the plastic fades and weathers. Just a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Ohhh what a crappy problem – Termites and your toilet


Pardon the pun. Any penetration in your concrete slab allows that tiny chance that the termites may make their way into your home. Typically not usual but it does happen. So if you see something like this, give ProBest Pest Management a call at 480-831-9328.

The right way to store firewood


The correct way to store  firewood, keep it high and dry and away from the pests. This keeps the air circulation around the firewood and allows the firewood to dry and age correctly. At the same time it prevents pests from coming straight up the ground into the wood, still have to be careful and rodents and other critters may still be able to hide with the spaces of the wood. Be especially careful of Black Widow spiders.

The cold and recent rains may bring in the rodents

Well its that time of year when the critters might be trying to get in to stay warm. With the rains, the termites might be active as well. So keep an eye out for signs of activity, what do you need to look for:

  1. Any new holes or scratching of any previous holes or opening in previously damaged wood or screens.
  2. Remove any old firewood and only bring in what you expect to use immediately.
  3. Pick up any fallen fruit and keep a watch for activity within the tree area.

Is this fruit being eaten by birds or rodents? Looks like teeth marks to me but its a tough decision…


Home Sealing can save you money and keep the bugs out

 probest2014-05-01 09.02.55      Home Sealing Special

Home sealing is a critical and often overlooked piece of pest control! Sealing can save you money in the long run by saving on electricity and requiring less spray visits from a pest control company annually.

We require an estimate, where we will look for entry points & propose a fix. For a typical home of 150 lineal feet (outside perimeter) your price would be $600 instead of $900 = a savings of $300! This includes a return visit to check caulking.

Enter your contact information on the form to claim your coupon for $2 off per lineal foot!

Oh those rats, they will do whatever to get in…

Probably no single pest creates fear as much as rats or rodents, so why the fear? My first thought is due to the fact they live in some nasty places, like sewers. They also have been named the culprit in the Plague which killed 2/3 of Europe back in 1358 or so. I have people say “I can live with with a mouse in my house”. They can and do spread disease, so I recommend keeping them out of your home. So what can you do?

  1. Seal  any holes in your home.
  2. Check weep screens and those louvers in the attic.
  3. Keep the clutter down in your yard.
  4. Keep the grass mowed and keep the weeds from taking over the yard.
  5. Don’t allow trees to touch the house.

Here are a few facts about rodents:

  1. Mice don’t drink, they get all the moisture from their food.
  2. Consume or contaminate about 20% of the world’s food supply.
  3. They actually gnaw wires and are known to cause fires.
  4. Rats are omnivorous, they feed on grains, seeds meats and just about anything they can get to.


As always if you have any concerns give ProBest Pest Management a call 480-831-9328

Why are Termites active this time of the year in Arizona?


Our Arizona termites like water and there generally isn’t a lot of it for them, so after it starts raining they get a little more active. So keep a sharp look out for them. They are sneaky and often follow lines such as this metal bracket or they will follow concrete lines and or pipes. So what should you look for?

  1. Wood to ground, this gives termites a free pass into your home.
  2. Excessive moisture, don’t water to near the foundation of the house. Check drip irrigation and only water was is necessary for the plant if possible. In Arizona we often use flood irrigation, so be careful you are not interfering with the termiticide along the foundation of the home.
  3. Don’t store firewood or wood on the ground.
  4. Look for visible signs of termites, mud tubes, tunnels and/or drop tubes and damage.
  5. Garages are a noted area, so keep a watch for termite tubes coming up the foundation or in the expansion joint.
  6. Sometimes  you might see little spots of dirt, check it and if it continues to grow get a pest professional to take a look. Our Arizona termites make some funky little drop tubes, it’s their way of trying to get back to the ground.

What’s making these holes?





A week or so ago I posted a who knows what this is? I then spotted a Youtube video that I thought would be fun to watch, especially since its National Geographic.