• Swarming Ants

    Swarming Ants

    Swarming Ants Monsoon is the time for Swarming Ants, usually it triggers the reproductive cycle with the species. This occurs in many social insects, its a way of spreading their genes further from the […]

  • Termite Damage Drywall

    Termite Damage Drywall

    Termite Damage Drywall Out here in the Wild West, termite damage drywall go hand in hand with the mess they cause. If you’re lucky enough to see evidence on the foundation slab, but here […]

  • Centipede Arizona

    Centipede Arizona

    Centipede Centipede (Arizona) means “100 legs” – literally, but they don’t all have 100. You couldn’t fit that many legs on something that is not that big. Usually seen at night, nocturnal and the […]

  • Wood beetles

    Wood beetles

    Wood beetles Somewhere along the line, some wood beetles laid some eggs in this tree and the larva did some burrowing. In most cases only cosmetic damage is seen and there is no risk […]

  • Termite Pressure

    Termite Pressure

    Termite Pressure   Termite pressure around the Valley is a speculative issue, some areas are of course worse than others. This map was done by FMC some 20 years ago and I wonder how […]

  • Drains & Restaurants

    Drains & Restaurants

    Drains & Restaurants Do you ever check bathrooms before you eat at a restaurant, I check drains and restaurants for a living? I won’t eat until I check the bathroom, if its clean then […]