The problem didn’t occur in a day, the solution can’t happen in 1 day either?

I know, I know you hate rodents or bugs and you want them out of your home or business today. The problem is, it isn’t going to happen! Those bugs or rodents had some time to reproduce and gain numbers. In the same way the Pest Management Professional is going to need some time to eradicate the problem. So let’s look at a few issues:

German Cockroaches – You bring in one box from a grocery store and one lone female sneaks into your kitchen. Oh and guess what? She is pregnant and in just a few days she releases an egg case, 30 little baby cockroaches and all ready to make babies in 100 days. A German Cockroach and her babies can produce 300,000+ roaches in a year.

Mice – a pair of mice can produce more than 300 offspring.

Rats – a pair of rats may produce 1,500 to 2,000 babies.


If the pest infestation goes unchecked, you might be dealing with 1000’s and no matter what it is going to take some time, period. I truly understand the concern and we will work as hard as ever to get that population down quickly, but don’t expect it tomorrow.


Where are those mosquitoes hiding?

With all the debate going on about Zika virus, maybe we need to figure out where they are breeding. I have seen beer bottles with an inch of water holding up to 25 wiggler mosquitoes, so anything with standing water tends to be the culprit.

So first off walk around the house see if there is anything holding water – pour it out.

Check drip or flood irrigation.

Don’t just look down, check gutters as well.

The Ghost of Scorpions Past!

304_1468939612478  This was an imprint of a scorpion on a couch at a new clients home, not exactly sure how this happened but here is my 2 cents. The scorpion was either in the attic or the ceiling and fell and then deposited dust onto the furniture. So how do you scorpions get into the attic?


Scorpions and pests crawl in under the stucco where that jtrim attaches to the foundation, they then crawl up the wall into the attic and fall out in any opening that is available. That is how in my opinion how you find them in toilets, bathtubs and showers, because that material makes it impossible for them to climb on. So a home seal is the best protection to keeping them out of your house.

It’s bee season – are you prepared?

IMG_5627    IMG_5628

It was a great idea to save some money, instead of laying concrete they built a deck with wood. The Honeybee’s also thought it was a great idea, so they decided to set up shop and build a nice fortress for their babies. It was all such a great idea until the dog got stung.

Once a month or at the very least check your home and property for signs of a pest infestation – as always Bee Prepared!

Why are some wildlife dangerous?


I saw this warning the other day at the Vet’s Office, wildlife can indeed be on the lookout for food and your pets could be that meal. Other wildlife can carry disease and also attack, squirrels can be quite aggressive if they are hungry and of course Javelina’s  can also be temperamental when cornered or frightened. This is also the season in AZ for rattlesnakes and spiders so please guard your pets and children.