• Termite Work

    Termite Work

    Termite work Termite work should be left to the Professionals, we have the tools, equipment and the knowledge to do the job correctly. There are some things that we do that not everyone abides […]

  • OMG


    OMG I thought I had seen it all, OMG check out the designer shoes. I know I’ll get a ton of comments but come on, ugly right? I’m not a woman, but just because […]

  • Termite activity

    Termite activity Termite activity and I often get calls that say I have termites I think? The picture on the right is a drywall texture and has been painted but someone thinks its termites. […]

  • Call us

    Call us

    Call us Call us – We are always lurking (done on purpose) out for new opportunities for marketing and business connections. Google and everybody changes their system algorithms every month just to keep us […]

  • Rodent rub marks

    Rodent rub marks

    Rodent rub marks Rodent rub marksĀ  are a certain indicator of rodent issue within a structure. Rodents have oils on their fur and this results in the oily shine on entry points. Rodents and […]

  • Scorpion Pest Management

    Scorpion Pest Management Scorpion Pest Management is a BIG deal here in Arizona. Some areas are worse than others, especially those that border hills and mountains.I’m sure you have seen the new treatment called […]