• Mosquitoes


    Mosquitoes are back and can be a real pain in the bod. Not on my list of favorite bugs but I guess they have a purpose. Not exactly sure what it might be but […]

  • Bath Trap

    Bath Trap

    Bath Trap So imagine if you will, the construction company is building your dream house. Sounds like the Twilight Zone, everyone has different skill sets, mine is bugs and entomology. We or a pretreat […]

  • Confused Bat

    Confused Bat

    Confused Bat   Bats are generally seen at dusk or at night, this little one is a confused bat. Probably just got lost or confused on the way back home. Notice it is in […]

  • Water run off

    Water run off

    Water run off Generally speaking water run off is not a good thing especially when it involves pesticides. But this is an excellent procedure to stop water run off in the termiticide barrier of […]

  • Roaches


    Roaches Not my favorite bug, Flies are the worst but roaches and their messiness are just disgusting.  German Roaches come inside your home via boxes, they hang tight until they get into your homes […]