Snakes & Wildlife

As we build and take away land from native animals, we are going to encounter them more and more. Snake encounters are increasing and often times no one is responsible except you the homeowner to have it removed. Its not often that we see raccoons or skunks, but occasionally we see them usually in weird and unusual places. The Arizona Fish and Game does not respond to these encounters and if they are on your land, you are responsible. Snakes and wildlife are a awesome in nature and should be kept this way.

Snakes and WildlifeSnakeswildlife

Bat exclusion can only be done between May and October, due to babies being left inside. Some types of bats migrate and some exclusion must be done at night, so an estimate is always in line with this type of service.

Animals in general require a special knowledge and trapping procedure, which we will explain upon arrival. Any trapping done requires every day inspection unless you feel comfortable with that responsibility. If the animal dies in your care the State must be notified. WE DO CHARGE FOR REMOVAL. There is time and knowledge involved in the care and custody of these animals. All these animals are the property of the State. We are required to relocate any animal trapped and/or take them to a rehabber such as Liberty Wildlife.

Animal that we trap or exclude may include:

Bats, snakes, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, javelina, squirrels, rodents, pigeons, woodpeckers, a variety of others – please call. All non-game animals.

Barn Owl nestGround Squirrel MoundsGeese

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