ScorpionRepel & Seal Your Home From Pests & Bugs

New Technology  for stopping Scorpions.

There are many benefits of home sealing and/or repelling scorpions away from your home or business.. Aside from our objective of preventing dangerous scorpions and spiders from entering your home; you also benefit from reduced energy use and eliminating water from entering your home; reducing your chances of finding mold, fungus, and termites.

Along with a Home Seal we are now offering a Partnership with ScorpionRepel LLC.  ScorpionRepel offers a one-time glass like application (patent pending). This product should last for approximately 3 years. They apply this product to the bottom of your home primarily to the exposed slab and just a little bit higher up the stucco. This prevents the scorpions from grabbing the surface and climbing. Click here for all the videos. Its not a pesticide but used in conjunction with ProBest service, it actually keeps the scorpions in our treated zone longer. It is Safe and Effective. Home sealing is a part of Integrated Pest Management and prevents the entry of pests into your house and or property. A ProBest home seal includes sealing cracks, gaps and holes on the exterior of your home, screening vents and windows properly, sealing doors and windows and placing or repairing property walls.

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Home Seal services we offer
  • Bottom of stucco seal, we do not close weep holes
  • Facia boards installation and repair (additional fee)
  • Ceiling/roof weep holes Inspection
  • Utility lines sealing with cooper wool and caulking
  • Check all screens on doors and windows
  • Install door sweeps (additional fee)
  • Garage door thresholds can be fitted with rubber seal (additional fee)
  • Install wire mesh on dryer vents (additional fee)
  • Repair leaky pipes (this will reduce water to insects or rodents)
  • Use pest resistant trash receptacles
  • Pest proof your compost bin
  • Encourage bats and song birds
  • Plant flowers
  • Have regular maintenance checks performed
  • Close access panels.
  • Once monthly check your home

We offer home seal to protect your house or business from the Arizona Bark Scorpion through the Phoenix and surrounding cities that include Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Johnson Ranch, Buckeye, Avondale, Surprise, Sun City, Glendale, Peoria, Deer Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott.

Our ProBest Home Seal Service Includes:

Outside Inspection: A complete and thorough inspection:

  1. Inspect foundation, including J-trim.
  2. Check all pipe penetrations.
  3. Investigate louver attic vents and weep holes.
  4. Check window frames.
  5. Inspect door frame and  door thresholds.
  6. Check eaves.
  7. Check garage door seal, trim and molding.

Treatment (before home-sealing) begins:

  1. Ultimately caulking breaks downs, whether its the heat or movement of the home. So before we begin our sealing we apply a dust combination of (DE) Diatomaceous Earth and Delta Dust. We will attempt to dust any crack, pipe or hole opening. If or should I say when the caulking breaks down there will be a barrier of dust and this dust should remain good for a very long time.
  2. A return visit usually about 2 months to check on caulking, this product tend to retract a little. So a secondary visit is suggested to double check the sealing process.
  3.  A warranty is available with a yearly renewable option, includes a visit to check on all work previously installed.


  1. Seal J-trim, against the foundation with clear caulking. We do not seal the round small holes, this allows the walls and home to breath and allow water condensation to escape.
  2. Seal pipe penetrations, a/c, electrical and plumbing.
  3. Use hardware cloth to seal louver and/or weep holes.
  4. Seal door frames, window frames and door thresholds with clear caulking. Seal eaves, fascia and other boards that may allow entry by scorpions.

Does your garage floor get wet and dirty from wind-driven rain, dust, dirt and leaves that sneak in under your garage door?

Do even the smallest cracks and gaps at the bottom of your garage door provide an easy point of entry for dangerous scorpions, spiders, rodents, snakes and other insects?

Home Seal Storm SheildThen ProBest Pest Management has the answer!

Storm Shield – Garage Door Threshold
This garage door threshold effectively and efficiently keeps out, water, wind-driven rain, snow, mud, dirt, leaves, rodents, snakes and insects by simply creating an impenetrable seal between your garage door and garage floor—helping to ensure that your garage stay dry, clean and rodent free!

More durable than door-mounted weather-stripping, our floor mounted, and precision-engineered vinyl threshold provides a tight fitting, long lasting barrier between your garage door bottom and the floor. The weight of the door presses down on it to keep out most rain, rodents, leaves and insects. Over time other parts of the garage door wear out, moldings and seal weatherstripping and those can also be replaced/upgraded by ProBest.

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