Insect Services

Insect Services, occasional invaders and other insects, we cover most outdoor and interior pests in our general pest control service. Residential or Commercial – we do it all. There are a few exceptions because of time and specialized niches. Ticks require the pet to be treated and often times the yard. They can be brought in via birds and feral animals. For example Termites are a special item unto themselves due to complexity of treatment and time. Honeybees because of their ability to gain access into structures and the use of the bee-suit. Bedbugs are a major concern and essentially the time plays an major factor and the fact that they are so small and can hide almost anywhere. German Roaches and Stored Product Pests, can be brought into a home via dog food, pet dry food and/or boxes. I suggest placing all dry food in freezer for several days to kill all eggs and then Tupperware for storage. Both of these critters require extensive work to find and eradicate, often requiring multiple trips.

Insect Services – one call does it all. Call A Pro… Call The Best. ProBest!

Don’t bring home stuff without checking it out thoroughly

If you see one, take action quickly as it will not just go away. 2nd picture German Roach – tan with two racing stripes. 1st picture is just Bed Bugs waiting to hitch a ride home on a mattress. Just don’t do it!!

Bed BugsGerman Roach

WHY OUTSIDE AND NOT INSIDE? This is a tricky subject we will do inside but on request. Most bugs live outside, and only come inside because its either to wet or not wet enough. Our general service covers a plethora of external pests, and we will do garages if you’re home. Consider this please – we mix the pesticide with water, what happens after it dries?  It leaves a residual of powder on the floor or wall. When your pest or child, walks or crawls across it, it becomes airborne. Then you may breath it, according to the Healthy Home initiative, Pest Control is essential to the well being of Public Health & Safety. Insect Service – outside – inside on request.


We at ProBest consider scorpions a main issue here in Arizona. Some areas are worse than others, if you live with a mountain area then you can just about expect scorpions. Pest Management is essential in several way, it keeps the prey down and therefore the predators will look elsewhere. Check out our scorpion-repel home-seal system, or just a home-seal, closing up all the cracks and entry points that they may try to access.


Ants – there are numerous species and they all act different, feed different at different times of year. Some are outside and some try to gain access into your home. The outside ones will be treated with our regular outside service, the ones inside – please mention it to us before our arrival. The Harvester Ants make those big circular mounds, scavenging those areas for seeds. Watch out they bite.

Harvester Ants


We do occasionally find silverfish living in Arizona, often associated with books and/or paper. We will have to come inside for this one and place baits in various locations. ProBest will try to hide this bait under carpets, behind bookshelves or other areas where you might find them hiding.


These little gals can really pack a punch, they will hide under eaves and in bushes. If you ever see a nest just look at them, they always seem ready to fight. If you see them in bushes just let us know and we will remove them. Don’t try it yourself. Unlike honeybees they can sting multiple time.


OK you’re probably going to think we are crazy, but spiders are really good. They perform an essential service in taking care of occasional pests, likes crickets etc. The problem is that sometimes they make their way in and who wants to find a wolf spider in the bedroom?  Our outside service will keep them at bay, out and about where they should be. Oh and by the way – WE DON’T HAVE BROWN RECLUSE in Arizona, we do have arelative but just not the same.


Have you ever noticed around the exterior of your house a black jagged edged peppery looking substance? That’s probably crickets, termites create a mud tube just in case you notice something around the exterior.

termite tube

cricket poo

Millipedes & Earwigs

They are primarily grass and decaying matter eaters. If they are over abundant they might the way into your home. The pesticide will slow them down but they might make it in and they will die shortly. They are just occasional and depending on the time of year short lived.

False Chinch Bugs, BoxElder Bugs

These grass suckers, are often found in Arizona by the thousands. They prefer taller grass areas and because they are numerous you might find them in the house. Its a great time to do a home-seal.

Flies & Mosquitoes

Its helpful to do a walk around your home frequently, pick up the pet poo and dump the water containers that are full of water. When opening the outside doors do it slowly to prevent sucking them into the home. Flies are nasty, just after landing on the poo they might head inside and land on your food – disgusting. They can transmit numerous diseases. Mosquitoes can fly in from a mile away. Keep those doors shut and replace screens.

Outdoor Cockroaches

American and Australia cockroaches prefer outside habitats but depending on rain flooding etc, they can come inside. One thing we have noticed over the years, is when people are out of town for extended periods of time the toilets and p traps dry out. This allows sewer gas and roaches the perfect way into your home. We recommend a product Sewer Gas Solutions and website at Sewer Gas Solutions. This product sits on top of the water in both toilet and P Trap, preventing the water from evaporation.

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