Termite work is an ART, termites live in the ground and we believe best treated in the ground. There are companies that use foam (and we do occasionally, but to stop them fast in a wall or void) we aim to stop them for good in the ground. There are gels, dry products, baits and other products. Those above the ground will eventually run out of water or die from the contact of Termidor. We only use Termidor check out the Termidor site at www.termidorhome.org.

Quick story: in about 1995 the first non-repellent came along PREMISE. Most products before that repelled the termites away. If you missed certain areas they could get in between the product and gain access into your home. Premise is water soluble, mixes well with water but does some movement in the soil. TERMIDOR came along in 2000, this product has a transfer affect. Each termites that comes in contact has the potential to pass the product to another. The patent has expired on Termidor and other products have come along withe the Active Ingredient involved. Now in our opinion, if the formulation is changed in any manner (inert ingredients etc) this make the product Рdifferent. Ask for the original from BASF, now that being said they have updated the formulation to include Termidor SC, Termidor HE (high efficiency) and Termidor HF. All from the original formulation. Just use the reliable  product TERMIDOR.

Termite Treatment

So what is involved in a termite treatment. Did you have a Termite Inspection?

  • We need to measure your home to give you the most accurate price.
  • We will always provide you with a proposal.
  • This one is important, WE DO A COMPLETE EXTERIOR TREATMENT of your home. Please read the Label? Now hear is where we rant a little. I believe it says complete exterior. And that is what we do!
  • We will drill all attached slabs (unless it is Post Tension), we will drill garage and then trench all soil abutting the home. e will pull back all rock, trench soil and return rock.
  • When we drill holes we will use a sanding block to smooth it and we use White and/or Grey Portland cement to match to color of concrete.
  • Clean up, remove any termite tubes and we might suggest you Spackle and repaint and drywall.
  • Check with homeowner, collect money and thank you for your business.

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