Specialized Insect Service

As explained in the previous category Insect Services, there are some pest that just require more time and knowledge. We’ll spend some time so you will understand the process.


Honeybees because of their ability to gain access into structures and the use of the bee-suit. We will try to engage the services of a Beekeeper but sometimes they just don’t want the hassle of getting into a structure. They will pick up swarms for free but it’s a lot of work to persuade that Queen to leave her new home. The state of Arizona says that all bees are Africanized, that being said they will defend their colony or hive to the 10th degree. That’s means that for every 1 bee that will defend in a European hive 10 will defend in an Africanized hive. Swarms are full of honey and very often will not attack. They will also move on after 24-48 hours.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are a major concern and essentially the time plays an major factor and the fact that they are so small and can hide almost anywhere.Bed Bugs can travel, they often hide in suitcases and clothes and can hide in movie theaters and electric wheelchairs. Don’t put your suitcase on the motel bed, put it on the bathroom counter and hang clothes on shower rod. The check you bed for live bugs and/or blood spotting.


Termites are a special item unto themselves due to complexity of treatment and time. Its not a matter of if you get termites but rather when. It also isn’t a sign of anything, when purchasing a house, as all homes here in Arizona will get them. The most important factor is choosing a reputable honest by the book company such as ProBest Pest Management. We use Termidor because of its transfer effect. Another factor in our treatment, we do the complete home as directed by the Label. We don’t cut corners, we sand block the drill mark concrete patching and pull back and replace the stone.


Ticks require the pet to be treated and often times the yard. They can be brought in via birds and feral animals.


Specialized Insect Services – one call does it all. Call A Pro… Call The Best. ProBest!

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