Arizona Ticks

Arizona doesn’t have enough humidity for fleas to survive very long, we’ve had cases from other States or even up North. Ticks on the other hand, can be a real issue both outside and inside homes. Depending on the species, it is important to vacuum, check bedding and clean kennels or resting areas. We have Blacklegged and Lone Star Ticks here in Arizona. One female is capable of laying over 3000 eggs, so finding them early is really important. This is the one time that we power spray the yard, ticks often perch on the tall grass or weeds waiting for a animal to take its blood meal. They can be carried in on rodents, birds, pigeons and feral animals. Once in they will seek out an animal for blood. If no animal is present they will go after humans.



The American Dog Tick carries the Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but rarely feeds on humans. Blacklegged or Deer Ticks carry Lyme Disease but mainly in the North East of USA. The Lone star Tick bites cause a range off Rash Illness, red meat allergy and ehrlichiosis. After hiking and/or outdoor activity check your pets and yourself. Remember there is a right way to remove the tick. Check the web for details.


Ticks are arachnids.

Just because a tick can transmit a disease doesn’t mean it will.

Ticks are more common in dogs than cats.

They are more closely related to scorpions and spiders than insects.

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