Termite Entry

Termite entry

Termites will make termite entry into homes and businesses by any crack or crevice. Let me assure you it doesn’t take much room at all; the thickness of a credit card is all it takes.  So, any penetration through the concrete gives them the chance. Pipes, wires, plants, form boards or even nails.

When I do an inspection of the house, I always start at the front door and go to my right. A lot of times people want to show me the termites and I’ll usually check and then go back to the front door. Then I determine how many tubes are present, how close is it to an outside wall. If isn’t close to an outside wall, I then check for bathrooms, sinks or laundry rooms. If I determine it’s not an outside wall, I begin to think interior plumbing pipes or bath-traps.

After I determine the possibilities, we open up a small hole on the opposite side of the tub or sinks = termite entry. I usually find the tubes coming up and it can be treated, and the hole covered. The hole cover is white and can be painted any color.

If you see a termite tube or down tube, it’s time for a phone call to ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 and of course I would follow my blog to keep up-to-date on the weirdness of bugs and critters.

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