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Restaurants and the need 4 pest Control.


The other a friend and myself visited a Pizza Place restaurant, before I even ordered I visited the bathroom. One of the cleanest bathrooms I’ve been in – in my life. That my friends is how I decide if I’m going to eat at a restaurant. Nothing would upset my intestinal track more than a sloppy disgusting dining place.

I’ll tell you another pet peeve, when an owner calls and I say you have to clean before I’ll take the account and when you come back nothing is done. Easy enough for me, I just won’t do the establishment, period. They are never going to be happy and neither will I. Restaurants should be cleaned at the end of each shift, they should then be cleaned weekly and then again on a monthly schedule depending on how busy they are. Each cleaning schedule can and should focus on certain things, again depending on the restaurant.

restaurants floor drain messy

restaurants floor drain


Ant Invasion

The ants go marching one by one, remember the old saying?

How many times have you sprayed something on the ants and they just coming back? It’s not about killing the ones you see, it’s about killing the Queen. You can spray until your fingers go numb, but I’ve got the secret – oh and that’s why you pay me to come to your house for the ants and other bugs. OK just kidding, but you really have to know the bug in order to have the right ammunition to annihilate them. You must get something to the Queen and take her out.  Call ProBest Pest Management and we can solve those ant issues 480-831-9328




Sneaky Pests?

Sneaky pests

Sneaky and surprised to see this fellow out and about during the day, but surprise was right! I guess when pushed they will do what they have to do.

Rodents can be difficult to keep out of structures. Mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. For proper rodent pest control, seal any cracks and voids. Ensure there is proper drainage at the foundation and always install gutters or diverts which will channel water away from the building.

If you do find signs of a rodent infestation, contact a pest professional promptly. They will be able to inspect your home, confirm the species and recommend a course of rodent control treatment. Recommendations from the National Pest Management Association and ProBest Pest Management, 480-831-9328.

sneaky IMG_0831


Top pests for ProBest Pest Management in 2015?

Top Pests

Throughout the day in sunny and hot Arizona we run across a plethora of pests and I thought we would share with you are Top 5.  I had really thought that Bed Bugs would be in the list but alas No. So the Top Pests for 2015 and ProBest starting with

# 5 on our countdown – mice/rodents

# 4 on our countdown – crickets

# 3 on our countdown – ants

# 2 on our countdown – termites


and the Winner topping our most frequent calls are scorpions.   top pests PART_1437183821806_20150717_183915

Check out of our great information on home sealing and see why its important and how you can save money.

Antlions – What’s making these holes?

Antlions are making these holes.

antlions IMG_20150901_074508




Antlions – the terror of the sandlot! A week or so ago I posted a who knows what this is? I then spotted a Youtube video that I thought would be fun to watch, especially since its National Geographic. As a kid I always played with these weird creatures and until I saw Star Wars with that SarLoc it never resonated as much.

If you ever have the chance, take a small business card and bend it and scoop out this tiny little critter. It’s interesting to think that everything has its place, well maybe not mosquitoes? Noah had the chance to smack both of them, didn’t he?


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Interesting facts about toilets and the bugs. Did you know this?

Ants build toilets, too.”

Bugs and certain animals may be smarter than we think. Actually I think its about keeping themselves clean and not walking through their own excrement. I’ve known for a long time that when honeybees or ant encounter death they discard the body away from their home. So it just makes good sense to keep the poo at an arms length away from the home. To bad we didn’t think of this sooner, many diseases could have been prevented.


ProBest Pest Management is on the job!



Its a plane, its a bird no its the ProBest Pest Management technician ready to stop those pests at your home.

Problems with bees, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, earwigs, wasps, scorpions, stored product pests, termites, flies, spiders, crickets, springtails and wildlife.

Buggy snacks – for real, no thanks well you should reconsider?


As Americans we often think of bugs and we scream or roll our eyes in disgust. I know people around the world have been eating bugs for years and our cave people probably had to eat them. A company in Denver, Colorado came up with an idea – to promote them in eye catching and funny packaging.

Will Americans buy bug snacks? Maybe… If they’re funny and cute.” As we approach 7 billion people around the world I think we need to really consider some new and novel ideas for food.


Check out these sites for some great ideas on insect funny food:,

“Free Food” After an initial bite, the review is in: “It tastes like coconut. Tastes like food, not like bugs.”


Photo by PPMA – Maybe a few ant eggs for dessert?

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