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You keep a clean home, how about your local restauarant?


I always check bathrooms before entering a new restaurant to eat for the first time. If they can keep the bathroom clean they probably can keep their kitchen clean, probably. I guess I just don’t understand the concept, if you cook you are going to make a mess and it has to be cleaned daily I don’t care how it happens but somebody must be in charge of cleaning, whether its the cook or the preppers and management must be in charge of making sure it happens.

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What could ruin your business faster than bugs?


Rodents, I just can’t imagine any business these days thinking that they could avoid Professional Pest Control. Nothing and I mean nothing could ruin your reputation than a picture or complaint from a customer. But everyday it appears that business people just don’t care. This story out of Tucson represents my point – “Kitchen Cops – Thai restaurant bugs Pima County Health Department“. Every county these days has a health department to protect the public but I guess it just doesn’t matter. What say you?


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