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Sanitation in Restaurants, is it really that important?


YES, YES and YES again!

I would say that without a doubt the biggest challenge to restaurants is sanitation and if they did one thing and only one it would be to instruct their employee’s that it is IMPORTANT. I never had a chance to work in a restaurant but I did work at a Boy Scout Camp (Camp Berry) in the dining hall and I know we did a lot of cleaning everyday.

So let’s talk about procedures:

  1. Someone must be in charge, The General Manager or Manager at open and close are responsible – from them all procedures must flow.
  2. Each shift, a person must be in charge of cleaning.
  3. At closing someone must be in charge and instructed on cleaning procedures.

Those people must be held accountable, just missing one day can cause repercussions. I think I would make a great health inspector but I also think heads would roll. Some of the stuff that I see daily would just turn your stomach. Just last week a restaurant was closed for outbreak of bloody diarrhea outbreak serious (laboratory results indicate the bacteria causing the illness is E. coli O157) (ABC15). It’s not just the bugs you can see, but sanitation is very important to the health and safety of patrons and staff.


It’s all about TRUST

Its’ all about TRUST.

Do you know the Boy Scout Law – it goes like this. A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent. Ever wonder why trustworthy was placed at number one, is it because its the most important?

Scout Law History

So shouldn’t this be the mantra of every business? What if we strive for that kind of company and philosophy? So today why don’t we all try to live by the Scout Law and make the World a better place.

Reptile Study w/Scouts

Reptile Study w/Scouts

Reptile, snakes and bugs. Just like a boy or girl to enjoy bugs and wildlife in general, I have a niece that just loves to play with bugs. Maybe she can take over when I retire (if ever) right? Merit badges afford the Scout the opportunity to learn about certain subjects. One of the merit badges I enjoyed was First Aid to Animals, I worked with a local Veterinarian  and really had a blast. I was there when he asked for help in delivering a calf and still to this day will never forget it.


I think that I earned 38 merit badges, 21 required for Eagle Scout. I had a great time in Scouts and I’m please that I was able to help a few more on their way.



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