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Bed Bugs will hide anywhere.

They hide in the dark or do they?

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They hide how about you? Are you being bitten by something as you sleep or rest in that couch or sofa? Do you have bite marks on your body or that of a family member? Have you visited some place recently or had someone visit you?

If you answered yes to those first two questions you might have Bed Bugs. Don’t panic, become an investigator and check before you call a  Pest Management Professional. If you find bed bugs, save them or take pictures. This helps the pest control technician to verify and then come up with the protocol to treat them.

Beware the cave of death!


Beware the cave of death! Not really but it does hold the Arizone Bark Scorpions. It is fun to show off these little pests that can easily make it into homes and businesses.

One of the perks of my teaching or events that I attend is the fact that I have bugs and stuff to show off. That is a big draw for children of all ages, they all want to see the collection.

probestIMAG0965     probestpestmanagementIMAG0962

The love of adventure – the quest for knowledge!


The quest for knowledge continues at our Bug Zoo at the Chandler Environmental Education Center. I really enjoy teaching the kids about the bugs and wildlife. It is gratifying to learn that one little one learned about Bark Scorpions and got Mom or Dad to catch the little interloper inside the home and dispatch it to to scorpion heaven.

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Check the schedule on the side panel calendar and stop by for our Bug Zoo at Chandler Environmental Education Center.

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