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Hey how did that Cicada Killer get in my home?








Cicada Killer – Wasp or Hornet? Wasp it is.


Large digger wasp (inch to inch and a half) and solitary in nature. Females look for cicadas and then dig a hole and lay one egg on that poor little cicada. That little larva eats the cicada and then pupates and finally in the Spring digs it’s way out and looks for a mate.

So probably just accidentally flew into a door which was open and then became trapped. I’ve heard that they seldom sting, the one in my office looked mad and if it was able to get out I think it would have gone after me. OK probably not but if able to release it would go on its way to find some more cicadas, helping with pest control.

Have you heard about the Cicada commotion on the East Coast?

Have you heard about the Cicada commotion on the East Coast?


You have to check out the following article from North Carolina on what they are calling “Swarmageddon“, its been in the making for 17 years. They are finding Cicada’s everywhere, from blades of grass to trees and everywhere in between.  Check out all the neat photos of Cicadas’s and their molted skins, they are estimating billions of these critters will be making their comeback this spring.

Have you ever heard their singing chorus, OK you are probably thinking chorus yea right? I’ll bet the birds and other animals that eat cicada’s are going to have plenty of food for a few weeks. So what do you do when an invasion like this sets in? Really not much you can do, set back and grin and hope they don’t make it in the house. They don’t bite but can be a nuisance.

We occasionally have bugs explosions here in Arizona, from grasshoppers to mosquitoes. depending on weather conditions and the amount of rain.

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