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Its baby time, are rodents looking for ways to protect themselves?


Just like us pests and rodents need 3 things: #1 Food #2 Water and #3 Shelter.

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Whether its warm or cold. opportunity is opportunity and pests will take every chance to push the edge. This could be your home and you need to be aware of the places where pest can set up a home for themselves.

  1. Check your home for exterior and interior holes.
  2. Trim trees and bushes away from home.
  3. Pick up fruit and/or encourage your neighbors to do the same. Give the fruit to St. Mary’s Food Bank.
  4. Remember rodents will gnaw on wires and pipes, you don’t need a headache like this.

Call ProBest Pest Management for help in dealing with pests.


Those darn illegals…

Illegals – Not the ones you were thinking about, was it. Yep I’m talking about those invasive pests that try to attack our citrus trees and other crops. Invasive species can be anything that wasn’t here before, from bugs like red Imported Fire Ants to plants such as that Russian Thistle – that stuff than tumbles in the wind, often called Tumbleweeds.  “Bug traps, quarantine used to prevent costly citrus bug outbreak” by by Anna Consie/Cronkite News.

Everyone should be vigilant in transporting plants, plant products or anything related to plants. Don’t move plants, bushes or trees across state borders! Be especially watchful when boating, these little hitchhikers can really block waterways.


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