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How about some new words for you bugophiles?


Laurel Hansen Ph. D.  is an Instructor in Biology from Spokane Falls Community College and is in my opinion one of the USA top research experts on Carpenter ants or probably ants in general. Some new words from this last weeks PestWorld conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Polygyne – many Queens or describing a hive or colony (social insects) that has more than one active queen.

Polydomus – many homes or living in more than one nest, as certain ant colonies.


She presented a very instructional PowerPoint on Tramp Ants –  a diverse group of invasive ant species which have become established widely across the globe. As we travel, move or just transport certain things across the country we may accidentally transport certain bugs or other stuff into an Eco-system which might not do to well with a new species. One of those species has created some real problems in various places in the U.S. like the  Crazy ants or Rasberry crazy ants

Carpenter Ants!

Carpenter Ants!

Can you identify the life-cycle present in this picture? Well I think I see larva, pupa and adults, I don’t see any eggs. I was at a cabin in New Mexico and spotted these Carpenter Ants under a piece of wood. The next day they had decided to move on and I couldn’t locate them. These are officially my nemesis – in Florida they caused me the most aggravation. They can enter homes in a variety of sneaky ways, including telephone or cable lines.  But outside they are a large ant and will excavate wood to make a home.

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