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EndZone – Fly sticker


A month or so ago, I mentioned this new product EndZone by FMC that really needed to be used by “Commercial Restaurants or Dairy Farms“. Recently at the Florida Pest & Lawn Care Expo, held Jan. 20-24, 2014, in Orlando it was voted “best new product“.

You know where I stand on flies, but this item really could be the saving grace for some businesses and farms. Just think of the flies this could get rid of and generations to come.


Commercial Restaurants or Dairy Farms need this item – EndZone!


¬†Flies are one of my personal pest peeves, most restaurants don’t think about flies and I regard them in the same category as roaches. Roaches may be a scourge but at least they don’t fly and could be on excrement one minute and then fly into the shop and land on your food. Yuuuuuuuuck!




 This is on of the newest products available to help the fly problems, call ProBest Pest Management today Рwe can discuss your options for your restaurant, dairy farm or even your home. These stickers are indiscreet and can last 7 months inside or 4 months outside. Call today! 480-831-9328

FMC does it again, 1st with Verifi and now Endzone!


I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this new product from FMC, you also know how much I hate flies. They land on your food and then throw up and lap it back up, that is just gross. This device is a sticker that is discreet, affordable and incredibly easy to use. Here is the information from their sell sheet.

  • Coated in a sugar bait matrix (acetamiprid 4.4%) to attract filth flies
  • Proven knockdown in one minute
  • Effective for up to 7 months indoors and 4 months outdoors
  • Features a bittering agent
  • 1000 square feet – use additional for heavy infestation

This is a great design which I’m sure will work well in all types of establishments and I personally can’t wait to work into my programs.

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