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30 days to nothing

30 days to nothing, the saga of a mouse…

30 days to nothing, the saga of a mouse…

 30 days to nothing-  OK to be candid with you I almost decided not to publish this dribble! Really the entire story just makes me sick and not because of the mouse but    what some people will do to cash in on a lawsuit. Remember that lady with the McDonald’s coffee years back, she put the coffee cup between her legs and it spilled and burned her. Well my point is you can’t fix stupid, I mentioned that often here but for God’s sake you know its HOT and you put it between your legs – please!!!

So as the story goes “Mountain Dew Can Dissolve a Mouse“, I think most of us have heard of Pepsi or Coke and how it can dissolve a penny. So grow and realize that most of these beverages are made of acidic materials. I drink Mountain Dew and will continue to because I like it and just because some guy thought he could pull a fast one doesn’t stop me from enjoying a Dew. Now I’m not an expert in the bottling industry but having seen some shows, bottles (if they even use them anymore) are washed out, upside down, rinsed and thoroughly disinfected and filled and closed with minutes, cans and plastic bottles are new even if recycled. I don’t think there is any opportunity for anything the size of a mouse to get into a production line these days.

So anyway don’t believe everything you hear, don’t worry about PepsiCo or Coca Cola (Coke). Read my recent home seal about Food Safety.

Here is another take on the Mouse versus the Dew from EHS Eco-Sensitive Pest Solutions from NorthEast USA.

Cereal – Have you ever noticed bugs?

Cereal – Have you ever noticed bugs?

Cereal bugs – Well it does happen from time to time. So what are the bugs and how did they get there? Stored Product Pest can sometimes be found in a variety of goods, from dog food, pasta, dried flower arrangements to flour. Most of the time this contamination occurs outside of the factory where it was produced. Have you ever been shopping and noticed little moths flying about? I notice them quite often in the dry dog food aisle at your local Pet Stores.

Here is a report I believe from France but it points out  how problems can arise to the point of contamination or adultration.   

4,900 kg of cereals destroyed due to presence of insects

US timelines

Lewis Caleb Beck in the Patent Office around 1848 to carry out chemical analyses of agricultural products

1904-1906 Upton Sinclair (did you know he lived in Buckeye, AZ with his 3rd wife) publishes “The Jungle” about the meatpacking industry which sparked the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906.

1906 Pure Food and Drugs Act

Pesticide Control Law 1910

FDA – 1930

Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law – 1938

FIFRA – Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act passed in – 1947

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), 1/4/2011



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