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Gilbert Emergency Bee Service

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service


Gilbert Emergency Bee Service – Every once in awhile something happens that is a TRUE emergency. Not that you found a bug in the house, even if its a Bedbug, but something that really could cause problems. I can only think of a few:

Honeybees/Africanized Honeybees

  • This happens a lot in Arizona, during the Spring or Monsoon, the colony divides and sends out the swarm. Now typically the scouts look for a place to land, rest and look for a new home. This swarm will generally move on. Once the scouts find a new place the Queen checks it out and they move in. Now if its at your front door, it might be hazardous but put a sign up or block that area. They shouldn’t be aggressive, they are loaded with honey and really not protecting a hive yet. Once a hive is created they will do everything in their power to protect it. Usually within 24 – 48 hours they will move along, if they don’t move NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Rat loose in the house

  • I almost think anytime a rat is cornered or inside the residence – that is an emergency. That is why we don’t exclude a home until we believe they are dead, then we can seal up the place.

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service – Can you think of any others real emergencies? Send me a comment.

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