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Think you have bugs how about monitoring for them?


One of the techniques in learning what pests you might have at your home involves monitoring with glue boards.


By placing a few boards around the entrance to the garage may help you to identify what might be getting in. In this case we have some roaches and can quickly come up with a plan to stop them. Simple tools that may lead you to solving a pest problem.


Wednesday Madness – picture guess????

Wednesday Madness – picture guess????


OK this was found in Gilbert, Arizona in a closet – Arizona Brown Spider or Brown Recluse Spider. Now I know spiders travel and can make it to almost any state in the U.S. but generally speaking I think I would have to go with the Arizona Brown Spider (Loxosceles arizonica) not that I’m ever going to get close enough to the spider anyway.

I do think spiders get a bad rap but if they would just stay outside I think most of us would be OK with them.

If you catch something and need to know more about it – bring it by my office or send me a picture 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233 480-831-9328 or [email protected]

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