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Wear gloves while working outside? You should!

Wear gloves! I saw this picture on FaceBook and asked Luge guy if I could use it, he said yes so here it is.¬†Click on the picture, that is one interesting photo of a Black Widow spider. Stings and bites can cause serious health problems, so why get bit if you don’t have to? I would rather get stung by that scorpion than a bite from a Black or Brown Widow. But if you can prevent this then do it, right?

Don’t bring things down from the attic without wearing protection, same applies to the garage. Also just don’t take that box from attic into your house, open it in garage. If you see irregular webbing or it crackles then expect a widow spider. We have many things in Arizona that can cause problems, snakes, scorpions and blister beetles so play it safe – wear gloves.




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