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Bed Bugs will hide anywhere.

They hide in the dark or do they?

hide     hide

They hide how about you? Are you being bitten by something as you sleep or rest in that couch or sofa? Do you have bite marks on your body or that of a family member? Have you visited some place recently or had someone visit you?

If you answered yes to those first two questions you might have Bed Bugs. Don’t panic, become an investigator and check before you call a  Pest Management Professional. If you find bed bugs, save them or take pictures. This helps the pest control technician to verify and then come up with the protocol to treat them.

Western Termites




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Termites are active in Arizona.

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The first picture is at the tire stop and the termites decided to just continue right on to the wall. The 3rd picture is my favorite, it appears someone decided to paint right over the tube. Maybe they were trying to hide it from the dreaded Termite Inspector (Me), by the way that doesn’t work.

Termites and your slab of concrete!

Termites and your slab of concrete!


So what happens when a pipe burst underneath your slab under your home? Well something like this picture above, no not the giant hole, the customer or the plumber dug this out. The point I want to make is that when you alter the slab it is very important to treat the soil beneath the concrete for termites. Sometimes if you fail to treat it may void your termite warranty. I also like to treat this while it’s in a state of repair and before you put tile or wood floor on it. I hate to mess up tile or wood floors with drill holes.

Wicked Termites ———-

Wicked Termites ———-


This is termite damage in Arizona, I want to point out a few details on these pictures. These pictures can be enlarged just click on the pics. You will notice that the termites do their damage from the outside in and specifically notice the paint. Termites won’t eat the paint and often just as these pictures show there is damage underneath and sometimes only visible when touched. The most obvious detail is the dirt, termites bring dirt up with them to protect and keep themselves from drying up.


This is the exact same thing that I look for in doing a Termite – Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report. I look for baseboard that looks damaged from the outside in and somewhat typical of the photo’s above. So put on your sleuthing cap and take a look around your home for those WICKED TERMITES….

What are the 6 kinds of Bed Bugs?

What are the 6 kinds of Bed Bugs?

OK I’m stealing this from Jeff Tucker with BASF but I thought it was great and I added one to the mix.

  1. Live Bed Bugs
  2. Frozen Bed Bugs
  3. Heated Bed Bugs
  4. Steamed Bed Bugs
  5. Dead Bed Bugs
  6. Gone

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