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I’ve got zillions of these bugs, what are they?


False Chinch Bugs


False Chinch bugs are in the Order Hemiptera also known as “true bugs”. False Chinch bugs prefer plants in the Mustard family and especially like London Rocket: a yellow flowered mustard that is very common in our area. Even though they may feed on some landscape plants, False Chinch bugs rarely cause significant damage. Usually the mass migration lasts only one week at most. Prevent entry into houses by making sure screens on windows and patio doors are intact and sealing up other entryways. Homeowners can apply a pesticide around the perimeter of the house to keep the bugs out, but the best approach is to seal them out.

Is your grass looking brown and patchy? Maybe grubs?




Photo courtesy of Bryan F.

Grubs: Although each has its own characteristics, grubs have stout, grayish to white C shaped bodies with brown heads, ranging in size from 3/8 to 1 inch long. Green June beetle grubs, which do not have well-developed legs and when exposed¬† they will usually will be lying on their sides in a C-shaped position. *Another reason to have rocks has a yard, nobody eating my rocks. If you have ever been to Arizona you know we don’t have a ton of turf or grass here, except the Golf Courses.

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