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Urban Myth – maybe so on Praying Mantis



You thought having bugs was a real pain, the mating process is a lot tougher on those bugs  involved. The Black Widow, well we know how she got her name and the Praying Mantis often get their heads chopped off my one or the other in that mating ritual. So now we have the ultimate answer, or maybe not. “Do Female Praying Mantis always eat the males?”,  Published in Entomology Today and video from the Smithsonian Channel.

Bugs a plenty, they were everywhere… I love it!

Bugs a plenty, they were everywhere… I love it!


We stopped for breakfast the other morning in Cordes Lakes on I-17 just north of Phoenix at the 50’s Backseat Diner and on FaceBook and spotted these bugs just hanging outside on a fence. Of course the consummate bug hunter that I am, we had to take pictures and hoo and haaaa about them.

More importantly, the food is great and worth the stop. I had the “Three Deuces” ( Biscuits and gravy, sausage and 2 eggs sunny side up. Fantastic!


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