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Dangerous Wildlife?


I saw this wildlife warning the other day at the Vet’s Office, they can indeed be on the lookout for food and your pets could be that meal. Other wildlife can carry disease and also attack, squirrels can be quite aggressive if they are hungry and of course Javelina’s  can also be temperamental when cornered or frightened. This is also the season in AZ for rattlesnakes and spiders so please guard your pets and children. Animals often look all crudely and those looks can be deceiving, they can turn on you in an instant. If that animals bites you and you can’t locate it, you may have to have those rabies shots and those are scary. They can also be dangerous for pets, coyotes can jump fences and birds of prey can swoop right on in and grab a small cat or dog.




Somebody is becoming quite the eating machine.



Our resident and pet snake has decided to be more of a pig recently – she will eat every day if I fed her that often. I fed her twice within the last few weeks and she is content to eat and shed often. She came to us about 5 years ago, from a linen store here in Phoenix. They thought she was a rattlesnake because she mimics the tail vibrating – she is a Gopher snake. This picture above is rather unusual in that she decided to eat the rodent back to front, normally they go after the head and then swallow.

This is what happens when we don’t think!

This is what happens when we don’t think!


How many times have you heard someone get tired of a pet and just discard it. Its a shame and really should be against the law, consider the pet and make a common sense decision. How long will it live,  the larger cockatoos can live 30–70 years depending on the species or occasionally longer and Cockatiels can live for about 20 years and is that a commitment you have time for?

Well anyway back to the actual story for the home seal – 18 ft 8 inch Python (Associated Press) recently caught in Florida and weighed 128 pounds. This new Python exceeds the old one by an inch. The speculation is that during a hurricane a building was destroyed and the snakes got loose. But you hears stories similar to this frequently, sometimes even the giant alligator in the NYC sewers.

If you can no longer take care of the pet please do some homework there are usually shelters and rescue groups that will help. My best friends in Ohio take care of foster dogs  and both of my dogs are rescues.



Oh oh Demon dogs….

What am I, Exterminator, Public Health Professional or Conservationist?

What am I, Exterminator, Public Health Professional or Conservationist?


I caught a story on USA Today on conservation regarding the Royals, Prince Charles and Prince William on their work with different charities and international law-enforcement and wildlife groups to propose a global partnership in stopping the $15 billion illegal trade in endangered wildlife.

While I do not profess to be saving large animals, we don’t always kill things. This last week I encountered two snakes and we moved one of them. The first was a very large Diamondback rattlesnake     probestpestmanagementIMAG0418 and then up next to the building was this smaller but just as deadly Sidewinder IMAG0421


We left the Diamonback alone but we relocated the Sidewinder, our mission is to reduce the food source and hopefully the snakes will move on. So it’s not always kill, we sometimes are able to move the honeybees or snakes to another location. We just have to learn to live with or work around the pest issues.


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