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Kings of Pain

Kings of Pain tv show, you have got to watch this show. These two guys inflect pain upon themselves and then rate the pain on 3 levels – intensity, duration and damage 1 -10. They expand on the work of Justin O. Smith 1-4 with his pain scale. Now just so you know, I’m a wimp when it comes to pain. I think by now you should realize that men are babies, I can be a home sick and continue to moan as if there was someone home to hear me.

So I hear about these stings, I have been stung a few times by bees or hornets but nothing serious. Now I’m not downplaying the issues some people have with one sting but apparently I can get through several.

Now look at the stinger on this Tarantula Hawk, wowzers. This menacing bug ambushes tarantulas, lays an egg on it after stinging it and paralyzing it and the baby grows up on tarantula meat. This flying little bugs rarely mess with us, but if you provoke them watch out for that stinger. So give the Kings of Pain a look and see what you think?

What is this brightly colored bug?


Photo by Andon








My first guess without having the actual bug is that this little bug is a Tarantula Hawk species “Pepsis”. Tarantula Hawk wasp paralyze spiders and then lay eggs on them and the little baby wasp has something to eat. Morbid but that is life with bugs. They come with a BIG sting but rarely ever sting, I’ve heard they have the second most painful sting in the world.

Steer clear of these wasps and let them have access to all the spiders out there.








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