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Just after monsoon rains is when we encounter more termite activity and that time frame is July – December, depending on frequency of rains. I recommend an inspection yearly, ProBest Pest Management offers a free service! If you are familar with termite tunnels or tubes you can make a cursory check yourself and if you spot something you can always give us a call at 480-831-9328.

Here a few pictures to remind you of what you are looking for.

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Sometimes those termite tubes are huge…

Sometimes those termite tubes are huge…


It often amazes me when I see one home with a few dozen tubes or tunnels and then look next door and don’t see a single one. It could be that that home was treated but I’m not always sure especially if I don’t see any drill holes or evidence of any kind.  But the picture above is what to look for when inspecting your home for termites. If you see something like that I think it is time to call ProBest Pest Management!

Termite Super Highway’s…

Termite Super Highway’s…



Termites build these tunnels or tubes as a highway into our homes. In nature they would eat and consume fallen trees and convert them back into fertilizer for future trees and bushes. Then we decide to build homes right on top of them and then they decide to eat our homes, what a vicious cycle! Termites build these tunnels for protection against ants and other enemies along with humidity control.

So now is the time to look for these little highways into your home, call ProBest if you see anything like this! 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Successful strategies to prepare your home for winter:

Successful strategies to prepare your home for winter:


The key in my book is to keep an eye out throughout the year. If Africanized Honeybee’s have taken up residence and you didn’t notice it for a year you will have more problems because of the time involved to build more colony and honey storage. So here is my list:

  1. Check your home outside for any holes that may have developed over the past year – seal them, I suggest copper wool (won’t rust) or steel wool. Check for signs of termites, such as termite tubes or tunnels or damage. This can also be damage from water as well.
  2. Check inside your home, look for baseboard or paint that seems to be cracked or crinkled which might suggest termite activity.
  3. Only bring in enough firewood that you will use immediately, firewood can bring in pests like spiders, beetles or termites.
  4. Repair any screens that have been damaged.
  5. The winter is also a great time to check your attic, it’s cooler. Check for animal signs like feces or nesting materials. Check the roof for signs of water staining or damage, if capable check the roof from the outside – check shingles or tiles for any damage.
  6. If this is a cabin, drain the water lines and clean up. This will allow you to notice things on your return visit, remember HantaVirus and the clean up procedures.
  7. Now is also a good time to call your local Pest Management Professional for an inspection, especially here in Arizona because of the monsoon and the rains which make termites more active.

Termites cause DAMAGE!

Termites cause DAMAGE!



24/7/365 Termites work all day everyday and all for the colony and Queen. A few facts:

1. Termite consume and recycle decaying cellulose helping soil.

2. Termites are blind.

3. Reproductives or Alates fly out and begin new colonies.

4. Ants are really the biggest predator against the termites (unless you count ProBest Pest Management).

5. Termites cause around 5 Billion dollars of damage each year in the U.S.

Termite tubes and tunnels…

Termite tubes and tunnels…


#1 & #2 Down tubes – the termites have gone up the wall and are coming back down via down tubes

#3 Damage to drywall – termites will sometimes pop out of the inside of the drywall and do some damage to the paper

#4, #5, #6 Tubes and tunnels coming up from expansion joint in the garage – easiest way to determine if you have termites

I can spot these from the streets – termite tubes…

I can spot these from the streets – termite tubes… Can you?



Well it’s that time of year to be watching out for termites here in Arizona. Monsoon brings water and rain and the termites begin to forage because of it. So this is what you keep an eye out for, mud tubes or tunnels and if they get into the home drop tubes or damage on the sheetrock or drywall.

So if you see something suspicious call us to take a look, it may be nothing or it might be those pesky little termites. p

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Termite Season is here in Arizona – what do you look for?

Termite Season is here in Arizona – what do you look for?

Well the rains of monsoon have begun along with the huge walls of haboob dust storms, so that means its time for the bugs to come out in force.

So exactly what do you look for:

1. Mud tunnels or tubes on your foundation walls –

2. Maybe you haven’t seen any tunnels or tubes outside but you notice something coming down from the ceiling.

3. It is unusual but I have seen it – but termites do swarm! So maybe you have seen a few flying things – what is the difference between an ant and termite?

Have you seen these? Termite tunnels or tubes.

Have you seen these? Termite tunnels or tubes.

So you’re walking around your home and you look down and see this thing made out of mud or dirt, what is it? These are subterranean mud shelter tubes or tunnels. It’s the super highway for termites, it protects them from air, sunlight and predators. Here is Arizona we have another termite (Gnathamitermes) and this subterranean termite often plasters fences, tree trucks and cactus.


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