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Swarm facts video by ProBest Pest Management

One the of the most asked questions is about Bee Swarms, here are some fantastic facts. Bee swarms are generally not aggressive, bee careful they can become agitated. They take up honey before leaving the old colony and that tends to make them less aggressive. Most attacks occur as part of an established hive defending itself. If you leave the swarm alone, it may just move on. Don’t try to take care of it yourself, we have suits for this. My favorite quote is this ” If you mess with a swarm or honeybee colony and they become upset – you can’t put the Genie back in the bottle”. They can stay mad for up to 8+ hours and attack everyone who comes close.


Photo by PPMA


Creepy and gross Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Population on the Rise, creepy and gross?

Bed Bug Population on the Rise WCJB TV-20

I decided to pass this along, for a couple of reasons. Very informative and right from a University setting. Bed Bug complaints are not going away, we continue to see the numbers rise even out here in Arizona. So as you are watching the video, let me point out a few things to pay attention to.

  1. Notice the size of these crawly blood suckers.
  2. Remember these things are almost invisible at early stages.
  3. The eggs are translucent.
  4. They are excellent hiders.
  5. Don’t just think bed, think around the room.


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