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Happy 4th of July!!!


So whether you are planning a picnic or just some time on your back porch to celebrate the “Day of Freedom” – we wish you a pleasant and Happy 4th of July.


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July 4th  – the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress. Happy 4th all and let us all remember Freedom is not Free is is paid by the loyalty and blood of our military and those that served. God Bless America….

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How to check for Bed Bugs – video



Academy of Dermatology


To spray or not to spray the plane?


Several years ago, I also was on a flight which was sprayed and honestly I was amazed. I work in the industry that obviously sprays but I don’t and haven’t recommended spraying inside unless the bug is something that was carried in like cockroaches or stored product pests. I think it was Figi and we had just landed when the flight attendant came through the cabin spraying as she walked. I did of course check the can and it was a Permethrin aerosol. The reason they do this is to keep out foreign or invasive pests. I guess one mosquito could cause a lot of trouble and why not nip it in the bud right there on the plane.

In flight spray bugs traveller.” – This week we have seen the stories about lawsuits and this isn’t one, she just wants people to realize that this happens. I have to agree, if the people were notified in advance they could at the very least put a handkerchief over their nose and mouth.

This is her quote: Cohen said she doesn’t want a refund. “I just want people to know before they travel that it may not be so much fun in the sun, especially if you’re sensitive.”

So take care if traveling, ask questions about spraying or ask about pests in general and maybe your trip will go off without a hitch. By the way I also applaud those countries not wanting to import pests like these into their countries.

IMG_20120901_182441I think I took this picture at the Logan Steakhouse (cool artwork), get out and travel.


Are you traveling for the Holidays?

You’re packed and ready to head out to Grandma’s house, but you have to spend the night at a hotel before you arrive. Are you ready for the possibility of bringing Bed Bugs to the party? Take a look at these great tips for traveling from the National Pest Management Association.


This is the season to spread joy, not Bed Bugs. So please take care when traveling and Merry Christmas!


Travel Bugs = Bed Bugs.

A little play on words, what is the travel bug – Bed Bugs of course!


Well in just about a week people will begin the Holiday traveling season, traveling to see relatives or friends. Hopefully not many will be bringing back any hitchhikers like Bed Bugs. So with traveling just ahead of us, here are a few tips for safety from National Pest Management Association and ProBest Pest Management:

  • Thoroughly inspect the entire room with a flashlight before unpacking, including behind the headboard, under lights, and inside dressers, drawers, sofas and chairs. I prefer to leave my luggage in the bathroom and hand my clothes on the shower rod.
  • Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams and box springs, particularly at the corners, for telltale stains, spots or shed bed bug skins.
  • Place suitcase in a plastic trash bag during the duration of your trip to ensure that bed bugs cannot take up residence there prior to departure. *Tip: Pack clothes in zip lock bag for easy cleaning upon returning home.
  • Do not place luggage on upholstered surfaces. The safest place is in the bathroom in the middle of a tile floor or on a luggage rack after it has been thoroughly inspected. Do not use a luggage rack if it has hollow legs, where bed bugs may hide unseen.
  • If you notice bed bugs in your room, notify management and request to change rooms immediately.
  • Do not move to a room adjacent and/or directly above/below the suspected infestation.
  • When you return home, inspect your suitcases before bringing them into the house.
  • Vacuum your suitcase thoroughly before bringing indoors and storing away.
  • Wash all of your clothes – even those items you haven¹t worn – in hot water to remove any bed bugs or eggs that may have traveled home with you. Dry clean only clothes should be thrown in the dryer and run on high heat.
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