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Gilbert Emergency Bee Service

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service


Gilbert Emergency Bee Service – Every once in awhile something happens that is a TRUE emergency. Not that you found a bug in the house, even if its a Bedbug, but something that really could cause problems. I can only think of a few:

Honeybees/Africanized Honeybees

  • This happens a lot in Arizona, during the Spring or Monsoon, the colony divides and sends out the swarm. Now typically the scouts look for a place to land, rest and look for a new home. This swarm will generally move on. Once the scouts find a new place the Queen checks it out and they move in. Now if its at your front door, it might be hazardous but put a sign up or block that area. They shouldn’t be aggressive, they are loaded with honey and really not protecting a hive yet. Once a hive is created they will do everything in their power to protect it. Usually within 24 – 48 hours they will move along, if they don’t move NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Rat loose in the house

  • I almost think anytime a rat is cornered or inside the residence – that is an emergency. That is why we don’t exclude a home until we believe they are dead, then we can seal up the place.

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service – Can you think of any others real emergencies? Send me a comment.

Wood Floor Damage

Wood Floor Damage

Wood Floor Damage


Wood floor damage isn’t normal but it does happen. OK so I’ve been around awhile, I have seen lots of termite damage over the years. Remember I came from Florida, now with 30 years of experience and with all the water and a different set of termites, damage is ever present. Not so much here in Arizona, but let’s talk about how they get in?

  • #1 from the outside up the foundation slab.
  • Garages are notorious, I believe the garage is finished last and people walk over the finished termiticide and breaks occur there more often.
  • Any breaks within the concrete – like water pipes, bath-traps, plumbing etc.
  • CRACKS – over time every house moves, even a little bit can crack the concrete. When that concrete moves, it might move the termiticide.

EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE BOTTOM – I don’t care what any termite professional may say, if you don’t stop it there – you haven’t stopped the termites. Some people will use foam, that’s OK to stop any further damage but not good enough to fix the problem.  If the termites are at the ceiling, you must fine them at ground level, not easy buy required. Let me say it again – EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE BOTTOM!

What to expect after treatment?

  • Any damage, may become more obvious. Wood may dry out and become more brittle.
  • I would insist that the Professional remove any tubes or evidence. You might have to repaint or use drywall spakle. The evidence must be removed for a few reasons, no need to fail the next termite inspection and cleaning it up looks better.
  • The holes they drilled should be filled in with cement, we scuff the area with a boot and then use a sanding block. The holes can also be somewhat matched with the surrounding concrete. Not perfectly but as close as you can.



These lizards are can often be found at South Mountain doing pushups on the boulders and the lizard in the picture is a Chuckwalla. They range in size up to 16 inches, and they live in the Southwest here is Arizona from California all the way to Southern Utah and Nevada. We do have a lot of lizards here in Arizona, but nothing as big as those Florida Iguanas.  Those were in the news recently when it got really cold and they were dropping from the trees. A friend has one in Payson, she named Stan, it hangs out daily and soaks in the sun.

In regards to pest control, we don’t treat and shouldn’t treat for them as they do more good than harm. They eat plants like annuals and perennials and will feed on insects. Occasionally they find their way inside, usually by mistake. Just let them out to continue to do what they do.




Well look who was surprised to see me? Yes Mr. PackRats or is it Roof rat? Boy have we been busy in North Phoenix with rats? I really think its the new Arcadia going on. My house is at 7th and Union Hills area and even I was hit with rodents. This was a mess, they had a outdoor rug with fringe and the rodents took all the fringe for a nest. Its baby time, which in Phoenix is year round.

  1. Check your home monthly for any strangeness going on.
  2. Check up and down.
  3. Open outdoor cabinets and hiding places.
  4. Check screens.
  5. Check door seals.
  6. Homeseal your home.
  7. Don’t let trees or vines touch the house.
  8. Check out buildings, bees and rats enjoy the shade of sheds etc.
  9. Check yards and boulders for holes.
  10. Call ProBest for a PROFESSIONAL inspection, 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

We have all kinds of critters trying to get in your home, from ants to rodents. They will find a way in.

Termite down - tubes

Termite down – tubes

Termite down – tubes

Do you see the shadow of the Termite down – tubes? Our termites here is Arizona are a little strange. they will build tubes rather than take the original way back down. But I suppose if they didn’t do that we might not know they were in the home.

Just think of those girls, working 24/7/365 never taking it easy work, work and work. All in search of the wood cellulose in your home. It never hurts to hire a Professional Pest Company to explore your home inside and out for pests. We look everyday so we know what to look out for. It is often the single biggest asset you have, so protect it. If you notice something strange give us a call, better safe than sorry. Our termites in Arizona don’t usually do a lot of damage but why encourage them to be in your home. Bugs are out there everywhere, but you shouldn’t allow them access into your place.

Call A Pro… Call The Best. PROBEST!

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Termite work

Termite Work

Termite work

Termite work should be left to the Professionals, we have the tools, equipment and the knowledge to do the job correctly. There are some things that we do that not everyone abides with. We clean the tubes off the stem wall or foundation. We will try to remove the evidence on the drywall, needing painting or a touch-up.

Subterranean termites are creatures of habit, they generally go up in straight lines, always with the grain unlike drywood termites which cut against the grain. Lots of work and research has been done on termites, but the judge is still out on rather they random forage or just head off after heading on roots or concrete structures.

So let’s think about a dead tree on your property next to the house. You cut it down and the roots remain for years. I heard that in orange groves, the roots can stay 20 years. That is a very long time, but its food for termites and other pests.

Quality work with integrity and trustworthiness. The standard of an Honest Company.

  1. Check your home monthly for pests.
  2. Look inside and outside.
  3. Check sheds and out buildings.
  4. Check up and down.
  5. Call ProBest if you have any questions. 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176
Spray on glass

Spray on glass = No Scorpions

Spray on glass = No Scorpions

Years ago in my other life I was in Australia looking at new termite technology. They had designed a PVC delivery system. It was far superior to anything I had seen but cost wise probably not affordable. I think most builders and homeowners think that just any termiticide would be fine and that in general the way that actually works. If I had a chance to build my own home – Termidor would be the pretreat material. Ideally the above system could be used to inject termiticide under the home because eventually the termiticide degrades.

This new spray on glass like technology is similar to the story above with one exception – the pricing is affordable. The greatness of this product is that it is fairly easy to apply and last for about 3 years. Ideally you also want no bushes or trees to touch the home. This also cuts down on ants and roaches getting in that way. The spray on glass prevents scorpions from climbing and is my product of choice for assisting with scorpions. They also stay in the treated pesticide zone longer and because of that hard exoskeleton it has the ability to be exposed longer.

I’ve been extremely lucky never been stung by a scorpion, many honeybees but not a scorp. So whenever I heard that a child has been stung I always cringe. This is what motivated the team at to come up with a real life plan. Call ProBest today to set up your FREE QUOTE and get that pain behind you 480-831-9328 or 623-414-1076



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On demand Pest Control

Monthly Pest Control

Monthly Pest Control

So do you go to Starbucks or Dutch Brothers for coffee everyday? I’m not here to discuss finances but sometimes I’m surprised when I quote $45 monthly or $45 EOM or Quarterly for Pest Control. I surprised when they say “wow that much”? I heard on a radio station where the host mentioned he found a tree trimmer for palms for $45 – did that guy have insurance? Guarantee if he fell he would go against your homeowners insurance. All of us understand the importance of insurance, licensing etc. So please make sure they have it. In our business we must carry insurance and be licensed. It costs money to provide a service.

Monthly Pest Control – I’ve noticed lately people are getting quite inventive on pest control selling. One item I noticed this week is that they tell you its only $25 monthly but then they say we are only going to show every 3 month – total = $300 so don’t get duped into signing up when ProBest service is $45 any way you want it. Quarterly or Qtr Pest Control with ProBest Pest Management is $180.

Some companies also upsell the Every other Month and Quarterly saying they take longer but you can only do so much. Scorpions require some extra work and Quarterly service based on how long the chemical last, how much sun it gets and if anything is digging up dirt may not work. Stay tuned for a product that may help with all this. I’ll post as soon as I can reference to this product.

Call ProBest today for you service 623-414-0176 or 480-831-9328

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