Don’t welcome those little critters into your homes.

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As the weather begins to change, critters will begin to find warmer areas and this could be your home or business.

In our desert environment they will often times build nest near cactus and often times will use those spines within their nest. I never could understand how they could use those spines without getting stabbed.

They will feed on berries, nuts and any type of vegetable material will find water where available including some plants.

So what can you do to prevent rodents from getting into your structure?

  • Fill in any holes around your structure, check at the roof line as well.
  • Check any holes on your property.
  • If you notice a lot of spines or cactus parts, investigate.
  • If you notice rodents feces or a smell in a garage or shed, investigate.
  • And, of course if you see rodents – investigate.
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