Garage Trim

Garage Trim

The garage trim is an important feature in your home, its supposed to keep out stuff. Mice, bugs etc come around a corner and quite possibly find an easy way in. We feature a wide variety of home-seal techniques to keep the bugs/rodents out. Storm Shield is just a easy way to keep rain and bugs out, it compresses against the garage trim to make a seal. Over the years of living in a home, things wear out and need replacing. Door seal, window seals and even weep screens need checking. We also install Garage Door Rodent Guards, they adhere to the bottom of the runner/plastic trim on garage seals. They deter mice/rodents from gnawing at the base and gaining entry.

Wildlife & birds

I had a customer call once with a skunk inside the garage, I really thought it would just mousey on but it didn’t. They had left the garage door open and it decided to take up home in a cabinet. We had to trap the skunk, it wouldn’t leave. But is wasn’t before it decided to squirt one day, then they had to leave the door open. It even permeated the house, yuuuuuck! Birds and wildlife can also build nests in the dryer vent exhaust, we clean them and install a device to stop them from building or getting inside.

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