Termite season

Termite season

Its termite season, as soon as monsoon hits and rain begins to fall. Those mud tubes seen in the picture are a sure sign. Now if they are inside and more noticeable its time to call ProBest Pest Management. If your home was built before they started raising the stucco, it is good to have an inspection yearly but at least every other year. Termite are crafty and often not visible, so a termite inspection by a Pro is often the best medicine again these little girls. 24/7/365 they are lurking for a way into your home and all they want is food = your home.

So what do you look for?

  • Those telltale tubes up the outside wall.
  • Those same type mud tubes inside, either at baseboard or the ceiling, these can be drop tubes or damage on walls. Subterranean termites always go with with the grain of the wood and always have dirt with those galleries.
  • Any damage that you are concerned about.
  • Any painting that is damage from behind.
  • Anything that you are concerned with call our office or send us a picture [email protected]
  • Termite Season is here, are you prepared – call ProBest today 480-831-9328 or 623-414-9176

Termites can cause significant problems, so watching you single biggest investment is worth it. If you watch a home for someone else it is equally important. Along with a 401K, it is an asset to you or a loved one. Pest control is also handy to have, as the technician is there on a consistent basis and can catch many issues.


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