Down tube

Down tube

Termites in AZ are generally shy and often will move along if disturbed. That being said I don’t think they move to far and will often attack the same home. I have seen them in a tube that was scratched and they don’t come back and on the other hand I’ve seen them rebuild a tube the next day. Finicky yes, persistent yes, 24/7/365 yes and you get the picture.

The pictures is a down tube usually the first signs of termites in a home. Subs always move with the grain of the wood, then hitting another 2×4, continue with the grain. Rather than go back the same way they try to take a short cut and try coming down. I’ve seen mud drop down tubes over 6 feet in length. Awesome to say the least.

In the woods or nature they do the recycling and rebuild the land with fertilizer, and we build right on top. They are just doing what’s in their nature. Its a system that encompasses scavengers and builders. From earthworms to termites, they do their part in our ecosystem.

Its when they get into our houses that we take action. There are many avenues to take for control and Termidor is at the top of my list.


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