Rodent Guards

Rodent Guards

Rodent Guards

Rodent Guards are installed on the very flimsy plastic trim around the garage doorway. Often times this breaks or the rodent chews its way into the corner of the garage. This metal sheets prevent the rodent from chewing its way pass the trim. Remember rodents frequently use their whiskers to travel, as they turn a corner they round it and find their way into the garage. This weather stripping is light weight vinyl or rubber and frankly no match against this teeth of  a rodent.

Did you know?

  1. 40% of all mammals on earth are rodents.
  2. Those front teeth, incisors continue to grow.
  3. Rodents generally are rats, mice, squirrels, beavers, prairie dogs, hamsters porcupines and guinea pigs. In a separate group are rabbits. In Arizona we have had issues with rabbits chewing pool pump wires, ac lines and car wires.
  4. These rodents must constantly use these teeth as to wear them down or talk about a Dentist bill.

So if you see a rodent, see their droppings or see rub marks or a nest, its time to call ProBest 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

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