Mice Garage Doors

Mice Garage Doors


Are your garage doors sealed against mice? Are the corners secure, we sell a device – Rodent Guard which firms up the corner trim. The device is metal and fits to the ground on the door trim of the garage.

In the picture, this garage door needs a new bottom seal and depending on the fit could use rodent guards. We also sell StormShield for the bottom seal of garage floor and garage door. It keeps out the rain, bugs and maybe even rodents. Home upkeep is essential when owning a home.

I also recommend a monthly check of your home inside and outside and don’t forget to look up. That is why my techs use a webber broom to clean door and window webs. Make them look up, instead of down where the bugs come from. Read my ten tips on home-sealing or call us for an inspection 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

We spend a great amount of time outside dealing with pests, since that is generally where they originate from. Some bugs like German Roaches make their way in in boxes while ants will access any crack. So keep your eyes open for any creepy crawlies and keep our number handy.

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