Flapper dryer vent

Flapper dryer vent

Flapper dryer vent cleanout – ProBest gets calls quite frequently on birds building nests inside the dryer vent covers on the outside of the home. When that little flapper gets bogged down with lint, it stays open. When in the open position it allows birds or other critters access into the vent opening. The flapper works off the principle of air flow, when the dryer is on, it pushes the flapper open and when the dryer shuts down the flap is supposed to close.

Did you know that over 15,000 fires occur due to build up of lint in that hose? Some homes never have it cleaned, and it’s a wonder more fires are started. The other issue is pests, birds and rodents in general. Normally this would be cleared out on the first dryer use, but if you don’t use the dryer often the rodent could chew its way out of that hose. The biggest threat is when the rodent becomes trapped inside the structure, and it panics. Birds can build nest and block the flow of air, causing heat build up and possibly a fire.

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