Pest Control Technician

“We’re extremely pleased to see exterminator, or pest control technician, listed among the top ten best maintenance and repair jobs by U.S. News & World Report,” said Cindy Mannes, senior vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association.

2022 the job market – if let’s say a certain fast food place ups the game and pay $15, that in itself starts the ball rolling. Now I’m not saying that $15 is not right, but we are talking a entry level job. Where $15 was a good wage to start a Professional job now has to rise higher and what if you can’t, how much can you afford for a pest service? We raise our rates generally every 2 years, this year mainly due to gas. How much do I then make, if gas goes up $2 – $3 dollars. Its not just gas but my suppliers have to pay more, manufactures charge more for chemicals – its a viscous circle.

I noticed a guy on Facebook looking for a job for is 15 year old son, he wanted $32 an hour. I think we have gone over that edge, I’m not sure I make $32 and hour after 30s years in this Professional.

Operating a business is not for the weak of heart, many things weigh on the owner from vehicles, vehicle maintenance to payroll.

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