Swarming Ants

Swarming Ants

Monsoon is the time for Swarming Ants, usually it triggers the reproductive cycle with the species. This occurs in many social insects, its a way of spreading their genes further from the original colony. I was down at the dog park and noticed the ants making their way up the grass blades to get a little height in their journey. This does occur with termites but it’s just rare to see it.

Honeybees do a similar thing, its just that they divide and leave. Ideally the farther away the better as this helps the gene pool to distribute the DNA away from the parent.

As I mention continuously, inspect your property is the key in keeping those pests at bay. If you spot them in this action, address it immediately  by calling a Professional. Show them where the nest is and let them treat. This prevents the possibility of them getting into your home or biting. The ants at the dog park were vicious biters, even my dog got bit and I had to administer some Benedryl for allergies.

Be careful as some ants will float to get away from flooding waters, and if you get into that mess it can really hurt. Call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 for quick action against these biters.

Attached are 2 videos on swarming ants, they were everywhere.



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