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Weather is colder, will it bring in the rodents?

Weather is getting colder, are you letting Pest in?

Now that the weather has changed, will the cold bring in the pests? A hole the size of a quarter for a rat and a hole the size of a dime for a mouse, that’s all it takes for them to make it inside your home or business. Have you walked around your home and made an inspection for rodents of bugs? Most people probably don’t think about pests until they are in the home. Then it becomes a crisis, so let’s all take a few minutes to make our inspections or hire a Pest Management Professional.


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Business or home – how are the rodents getting in?

Are rats getting into your business or home?

Does your business or home have these kinds of openings? The garage door is often the last place most people think about when investigating where the mice/rats are getting in. Click on the picture and you will see about 1/2 inch or more under that garage door – great access for mice or rats. and check out our StormShield garage door thresholds. Perfect for keeping out the rain, bugs and rodents.

It doesn’t stop there, a home-seal and consistency in inspecting the structure is a must.

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Garage opening


Your home and Rodents

Your home versus rats and mice

Home checks – always quite handy to keep a check on things, if you notice something unusual check it out and call your Pest Management Professional at 480-831-9328. I’ve advocated for years that you do a monthly check of your house and out buildings. This goes goes for your business as well, never hurts to just take a walk and check things out. Oh and another idea, when the Pest Operator shows up, explain what you think is going on. Always helps to get your perspective on the problems.

  1. Check roof and base of house.
  2. Fill in any holes.
  3. Pick up fruit.
  4. Check weep hole.
  5. Check inside and outside.

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Weather cooler, watch out for rodents

Weather may bring in the rodents mice and rats and other critters may be trying to gain access into your home. Just like any warm blooded animal, rodents want to be snug as a bug in a warm environment and that could be your home or attic. So I suggest that you take a look at the areas around your home that may be inviting to a critter, that doesn’t have to be a rodent exclusively. Pigeons, bats and even cats may try to get into your attics or crawlspaces and set up a home, so what can you do?

  1. Check your home quarterly inside and out and repair:
    1. Check weep screens.
    2. Check those louvers that allow your attic or crawlspace to breath.
    3. Caulk all holes or cracks that may allow access – remember mice can enter holes that are about the size of a dime and rats the size of a quarter.
    4. Here’s a biggie – think like a rat, how would you get in? I had a family of rats once that were coming in on telephone wires.
  2. When you bring down that stuff in the attic, open boxes either outside or in the garage oh and wear gloves as well. You don’t want any surprises jumping out of the box inside your home.
  3. Trim trees of your home, don’t allow vines to grow and attach.
    1. I suggest not planting plants to close to the house.
    2. If the trees did touch, make sure you repair and check the tiles.
  4. Read up on the enemy and become familiar with their habits. Always better to know more than you need to know, especially if you own a home.
    2. Remember ProBest Pest Management is just a phone call away, 480-831-9328 check out our home seal page and specialized foam treatments..

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Cooler weather might bring in the rodents.

Well the heat is finally going away and the cooler weather is right around the corner. Thank goodness – I’m not sure it was the heat or that humidity but whatever I’m thankful it is getting cooler.

Termites continue to pop up around the valley and if the weather doesn’t get real cold the pests will continue. So now would be a great time to tackle those little chores around the house to prevent pests from getting in. What can you do?

  1. Home seal.
  2. Check sheds or other structures.
  3. Repair window screens or door screens.
  4. Install door thresholds or sweeps.
  5. Install garage door seals.
  6. Trim trees away from home.
  7. Repair drip or flood irrigation systems.


Why is sanitation important to controlling pest and rodents?

You’ve seen those hoarder shows and you know the reason why your home or business shouldn’t be cluttered. But why do people collect or let their homes become a cluttered mess? There are many factors in that equation but let’s just talk about those conducive conditions that let pest occupy or inhabit our homes or lives.

  • Holes or opening in walls – patch those holes
  • Picking up fruit from ground or better yet donate it a charity
  • Eliminate water sources
  • Don’t allow dog or pet food to set around
  • Clean trash can or dumpsters
  • Trim weeds
  • Don’t allow trees or bushes to touch the home or business
  • Install or make sure screens are in place
Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

Do you know of any others?


Its baby time, are rodents looking for ways to protect themselves?


Just like us pests and rodents need 3 things: #1 Food #2 Water and #3 Shelter.

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Whether its warm or cold. opportunity is opportunity and pests will take every chance to push the edge. This could be your home and you need to be aware of the places where pest can set up a home for themselves.

  1. Check your home for exterior and interior holes.
  2. Trim trees and bushes away from home.
  3. Pick up fruit and/or encourage your neighbors to do the same. Give the fruit to St. Mary’s Food Bank.
  4. Remember rodents will gnaw on wires and pipes, you don’t need a headache like this.

Call ProBest Pest Management for help in dealing with pests.

House rodents in the toilet a myth?

House Rodents – Rats and Mice?

House rodents are an issue. How are they getting in? During my my almost 25 years of servicing homes, I have only on one occasion found 1 rat in a toilet. But a guy in England has invented a flapper device to help keep them out. “MultiFlap helps special needs teacher left terrified by rat in her toilet

To be honest I’m not exactly sure how it got there, 2nd story shared bathroom. That would have been one big climb, to get to a toilet 20 feet up but I suppose anything is possible. Here is the link to that device  – I think this one is to fit US toilets is MultiFlap 2 (MF-2) and nobody needs to be half asleep and find something in the toilet in the dark. What a way to be jolted from asleep to fully awake in a matter of seconds.

house rodents

House Rodents Rats Photo provided by Univar

The biggest issue with me is that once in and you have a issue with urine and feces being left everywhere. Rats and mice continue to urinate while running and often the first signs of rodents are their feces. It’s bad enough with flies and that whole regurgitation thing, but rodents will walk over and then walk over your stuff. So whatever they just walked over is going to pass to your food.  Often times it isn’t the bug/pest that is the cause but what they do may cause the trigger to a bigger issue. Rats can carry diseases on their fur/hair and transmit that to us, so side on the side of caution. Always the safe bet, keep the pests out. They have a place and that is outside.

Door sweeps and guards.

Keep window screens in place.

Fix any holes.

If you can’t fix an issue call ProBest Pest Management and we can evaluate and come up with a plan. 480-831-9328

Marijuana & rodents eating evidence

Marijuana, what a story?

This story comes to you from India, where the police had a little issue with some stealing. The rats or so they say, absconded with the seized drugs. “Rodents ’empty’ cannibis stored in Bargi Police Station“, I guess not even the Judge was amused as he let the alleged suspects go free. You go to all that trouble to track down the smugglers and the rats eat the evidence.



The picture above is from rats bringing cactus into a bait station, I didn’t have any pictures of marijuana – sorry. Rats and mice are able to enter buildings by any hole between a dime and quarter size, they will also eat almost anything. So as I always say, home seal and prevention = IPM Integrated Pest Management. Prevent them from getting in and no worries.

What can you do to prevent rodents?

Check your yard and home monthly for bugs and rodents. Keep food out of their reach, pick up fruit that has fallen to the ground. Keep your yard clean, trim bushes from next to your home. Don’t keep stuff in your yard, rats will next in anything that might be stored. If you store firewood keep it high, dry and away from the house. Keep water from collecting in the yard or any containers, they need water just like we do. If you have a shed, keep things rat-proof stored and on shelves and of course check things often.

If you see rat bait stations in your neighborhood, check things out. If there is one rat there are probably more. If your going to clean sheds wear a mask and follow the recommendations from the CDC.  Don’t just sweep up dust without checking for droppings. If you notice something strange, investigate it or call in a Pest Management Professional such as ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328.

Do you understand mice/rats/rodents?


You have heard me say this many times, I don’t work on my vehicle brakes because I don’t know anything about brakes but I know pests.

  • You must understand rodents; you must know their biology and their quirks. Do you know how far mice or rats travel from their home that is might be important in control?
  • How will you attack the situation, are you using traps or repeat devices or outside stations?
  • Have you purchased enough and what are you using?
  • Have you thought about consequences in using this equipment, is anybody at risk?

So before you decide to tackle this by yourself, maybe it might be inportant to call a Pro.

Rodent loved the bait so mush he never left.

Rodent loved the bait so mush he never left.



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