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Wood beetles

Wood beetles

Wood beetles

Somewhere along the line, some wood beetles laid some eggs in this tree and the larva did some burrowing. In most cases only cosmetic damage is seen and there is no risk of secondary infestation within the home. I have seen some homes where it is a pleasing sight to have this in the wood, while others may not like the look. Ambrosia beetles create a staining within the wood and can look quite nice. Powderpost beetles are often associated with a re-infestation, I have seen art work brought back into the US with these potential issues. In one case we froze the Giraffe for approximately 2 weeks and that took care of the problem. This is a part of IPM or Integrated Pest Management.

What do you look for?

  • Before bringing back any wood into the US please check for issues. Most lumber is treated or inspected.
  • Damage to the wood.
  • Sometimes these bugs expel wood pellets similar to Drywood termites.
  • Any change to the appearance of the wood.
  • Any winged insects within the home, can be identified by a Pest Professional. Call ProBest Pest management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176


Termite artwork?

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This was behind the drywall or lathing material and looked like a cactus design. It was artistic but I rather think accidental by design. Have you ever seen anything like it?


Comments are welcome.

Can Subterranean termites damage paintings and other wall art?











Remember last week on the 18th July Arizona termites – sneaky and they will get in

Once termites find their way in they will continue to seek out cellulose and if they find it in a painting they will attack and eat. So if you notice anything unusual on a wall or painting please check it out. Sometimes those hidden areas can surprise you.

Why does it look like the ants are marching?


The ants go ing in one and one…


We have some very artistic pieces of folk art here in Arizona.  If these ants invaded your picnic it would be all over. Once an ant finds food they lay a trail and head for home, once home all the other ants follow that trail right back to the food. So if you stop that first ant, you may stop the party for the ants. Have a nice time at the picnic but beware the bugs.

Artsy – fartsy…. or so they say…

Artsy – fartsy…. or so they say…


I don’t exactly know who is in charge here, but somebody is having a BAD day at finding wood. Termites search for wood all the time and sometimes they plain and simply come up the wrong place. This wrong place is the center of the garage and at least 10 feet from any wood. What I really think is cool is notice the termites even attempting to build the tubes up….


Termites here in Arizona are not as voracious eaters of wood as they are on the East Coast of the US but they can and do cause damage if not taken care of. Please call ProBest Pest Management for all your pest/termite issues at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 – we offer free estimates and inspections (except for WDIIR – Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Reports often required for the selling of your home).

The artistic termite!

The artistic termite!


Most people probably would think that termites are just destructive and be done with it. Not so, says Dr. Bug and Jerry Schappert from sent this picture that illustrates this point. I wrote a home seal some time ago called “Termite castles and their artwork” that shows that termites can be quite the decorators.

Not all things are bad, so when your hiking in the desert look around and take in nature. Everything has its place, even the termites…

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