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Could we learn a few things from the bug world?

You bet we could and here is one right from the architects their little homes “Climate control in termite mounds.


We often think of termites as home wreckers, or pests who frequently get into our homes. But these termites have come up with a way to regulate the temperatures within their castles. There are even termites in Australia that build north and south to take advantage of the sun and wind.

AZ termite tunnel

AZ termite tunnel

Building termite mounds for a Zoo.



I found this article interesting, but I have noticed over the years that many critters use termite mounds for observation. “Monarto termite mound is a high point for long time zoo volunteer Brian Tinning.” This zoo is in Adelaide Australia and this gentleman has been a volunteer there for over 40 years. Our hats off to him for his work and his dedication to wildlife.


Formosan termite photo by PPMA

Formosan termite photo by PPMA







There are many places around the world that have bigger issues with termites than Arizona. Certainly the East Coast of the US especially the southern states have more problems mainly due to more water and warmer temperatures.

The Japanese, the bugs and me!

Maybe its because I had a chance to interact with Japan in my early days – I went to a BSA World Jamboree in 1972 and I feel close to their culture. I enjoyed the mulitple visits over the years and glad I was a part of possibly saving some of these hsitoric buildings.  But this got me to thinking as I watched the only sports that I watch throughout the year – The Little League World Series. The Japanese are very regimented in their training, style and honestly they are like a very well oiled clock. I have had the chance to work with many talented people from Japan in regards to termites. That same spark is there among 11 – 80 year old Japanese. I looked at temples and buildings that had termite damage and hoped that we could preserve those structures. Formosan termites are capable of doing some severe damage if not stopped. The great thing is that technology continues to work toward that goal and people around the world all must work together.


Here are just a few pictures of some of the work I looked at in Japan.

probestpestmanagementDSC00210     probestpestmanagementDSC00229     probestpestmanagementDSC00176

Tarantula venom – maybe a new insecticide?


Last week on my way into work (38.5miles) I caught a story on tarantula venom being used as an possible insecticide. It appears that in Australia the dreaded tarantula has a protein within the venom  that can also kill prey insects that consume the venom orally. “Australian tarantula venom contains novel insecticide against agricultural pest

These and other insect pests reduce global crop yields by 10-14% annually and damage 9-20% of stored food crops, and several species are resistant to available insecticides.

Once again I mention that pesticides (by the way is this Organic or Green?) are important and essential to all manners of life on earth, so new ideas are very important. Opinions?


Millipedes cause train crash. Ohhh come on, really?



Just when you think you may have heard it all something hits you hard like this story. Thank goodness it wasn’t a deadly crash but here is the story. “Millipedes Responsible for Australian Train Accident” slippery when wet, right!

So this is what happens when bugs or invasive species over populate to biblical proportions. This is also a reason to understand that just one mistake can cause serious problems.


Photo from Univar Environmental Solutions

So who watches the watchers?

So who watches the watchers?


So I think a few might remember all the hoopla about charities and how much they really donate to the actual charity and how much they spend to get the money. I found this website  and they ran a recent article Pest Management, HSUS-Style (A.K.A. Don’t Hurt the Widdle Roachy-Woachy)

I grew up in Ohio and hunting is an acceptable form of recreation and I also attended the Ohio Safe Hunting programs. One of the things I learned early in my hunting life was this – a gallon container only holds so much, much like an acre of land can only support so many animals. So lets say that that one acre can support 5 rabbits, 2 deer, 4 muskrats – well you get the idea. So what happens when the deer overpopulate the land, maybe they get some disease and die a horrible death or die because there isn’t enough food. That is what conservation is about, you allow hunters to cull the deer. Better to be shot than die from starving to death. Hunters and Trappers often supply the money for needed projects via their hunting and trapping fees for conservation.

Every once in awhile a population boom of some kind happens, mice in Australia to crickets in Arizona. However you feel about it, pesticides, pest control, fishing, trapping and hunting are essential components of our life here on Earth. Remember what happened in 1350-1358 in Europe with the Black Plague and occasionally happens in areas of the U.S.

I’m a Public Health Professional aka hunter, trapper and a Pest Management Professional.


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