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Bug Control

So at this point if you have read any of my previous posts, you know I’m a BIG fan of IPM and Schools should really be using this program. So how do I investigate before I propose for a bug control service.

  • I always check with the customer, what are they seeing, how many and when are they seeing them?
  • Then I preform an inspection.
    •  I carry a flashlight, mirrors and tools so I can get into areas and under things like sheds etc.
    • Transfer my notes to proposal sheet.
  •  Discuss options with the owner.
    • Is it insect pest or rodents, could be an issue outside with the shed or honeybees on exterior of home.
    • If it is rodents discuss what rodent stations look like and how they work, snap traps may also be involved.
    • I usually draw a graph, mandatory with termite but also good on pigeon work that needs to be done.

I have run into some problems especially in the Sun City, Surprise area of some Pest Control companies that either don’t issue a proposal before the work and/or jack up prices as they arrive to do the work. ProBest Pest Management doesn’t condone jacking up pricing – we will always issue a pest estimate on any work other than the typical pest control service. 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

My favorite bug is on the prowl – Assassin Bug


While teaching at the Chandler Environmental Education Center one of the parents asked me what this bug was? Why of course it’s my buddy the Assassin Bug. I really love the look and often times checkered pattern of this insect.

1265     1262

They prefer to attack animals such as cattle and horses but if they get trapped in your home they will bite whatever they can. So keep those doors closed and those screens repaired. Stay safe and check your homes frequently.

Does your Pest Company treat where the bugs live?

Does your Pest Company treat where the bugs live?


A few years ago I received a call from a homeowner frantic about roaches, after my inspection I thought I had found the problem. It was long after I started that I knew I had done the correct job. In the block wall next to the garage wall I dusted the bump out and out came the roaches (100’s) I immediately located the homeowner and pointed out the issue and she was just amazed. I really do believe that I could do all my pest control with just 2 or 3 tools. Here is my secret:

  1. My brain = knowledge of Pest Control and bugs
  2. A hand duster
  3. Some kind of dust (Delta) and DE or Diatomaceous Earth.

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